Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015- in Oaxaca with Elder Alvarez

“the scorpion jar.
Hermana Juana catches live scorpions and put them in this jar with rubbing alcohol and lets it sit. This is years’ worth of scorpions. A drop of this supposedly cures everything from cancer to acne. She only puts live scorpions in though.”

Hey everybody! Another good week down haha. We gotta a lot of work going on here right now. the weirdest thing is putting baptismal goals for dates that I won’t even be in Oaxaca for haha, next Saturday we got a couple baptisms planned though so that will be a good way to go out haha. One think I’ve forgotten about the city is the cockroaches. I can handle the mosquitoes and rats and bat moths in the itsmo but I can’t stand the cockroaches, they’re everywhere! I kill like 2 or three everyday, it’s ridiculous (and it’s making me kinda paranoid haha) we just got back from seeing the moving “Meet the Mormons” as a zone at our chapel. It just came out here in México. Did you guys see that? Did that get big in the US? Yesterday 2 return missionaries got home to our ward (1 from Argentina that made everybody laugh with his ugly accent haha). I was talking to him about it after words and he told me it’s gonna be even funnier when I get home and can’t even speak my natal (don’t know the word) language good haha. So ya good week! 2 left haha! Love you guys
Elder Sawyer

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