Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16- 20, 2015- our travels in Oaxaca, Salina Cruz and Morro

after lunch we headed to Monte Alban

Elder Sawyer buying a Mayan calendar

visiting newly baptized Angel and soon to be baptized Felipe

eating tlayudas with Hermana Eli's family

lunch of chili rellenos with Adrienna and Armendina in Oaxaca

visiting Moroni's family in Salina Cruz

buying fruit water

buying Mom a Coke

dinner- rice and egg tortillas with Hermana Esmeralda's family

watching the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean in Morro
with Aldo and Mario

we ate shark, giant shrimp and snore fish for breakfast at the beach with Mario

lunch was iguana, iguana eggs and freshly butchered goat

saving the washed up puffer fish

Hermana who butchered and cooked the goat for us- she is also the RS president

at Mario's home

with Emma

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