Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015- in Oaxaca with Elder Alvarez

Elders Sawyer and Alvarez (from Coahuila Mexico) at the Oaxaca Temple

Hey everybody!
Another good week here in Independencia 2! We were able to find all our food appointments and only spent about half the time lost haha. It’s kinda been going slow, but we are getting the hang of the area and finding investigadores but we still spend a tonof money on buses and taxis cuz our area is just so dang big. The best thing about being here in the city is that we got to go to the temple last Wednesday. The day before I had to go to the offices and meet with prez and get my temple recommend venced (can’t remember the word in English).  we also had a zone meeting, I thought it was going to be my last but it turns out that we are gonna have one this week for some reason, we are all sort of wondering why. also last Saturday we got to go play church ball with the ward. the thing about this side of Oaxaca though is that basketball is a lot bigger than futbol. it was fun, about what you would expect from Mexican church ball haha. we had 3 more investigadores at church yesterday, it’s looking like I might go out with a couple that last Saturday! love you guys have a good week!

Elder Sawyer
"it's cold in the mornings, especially after a cold shower"

"so happy I have a toilet with a seat!"

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015- in Oaxaca with Elder Alvarez

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a good week this last week! Me and elder Alvarez pretty much just spent the whole week walking around lost haha. The area here is huge! Like twice the size of bosque -huge. Just go on google maps and type in Rancho Aguyao and Zaachila and our area
is pretty much everything in between. we spend a LOT of money on taking buses and moto-taxis around and even more time walking(especially when we get lost haha) the few members we have in our area are really great and they’ve been helping us out a lot, find places and get to know people. It’s kind of weird being back in the city, I’ve sort of forgotten how it feels. It’s almost a completely different mission here and the people and members are way different too. We have a good sized ward of about 120 active members (about 30 live in our area) and we are 6 missionaries in total. the hardest thing about being here in the city after spending most of my mission in the itsmo and coast (and most of my life in Arizona) is how dang cold it is here haha. The nights aren’t bad, I sleep fine, but in the mornings when we’re studying it gets super cold, especially in our house. It definitely makes showering  with cold water a lot more interesting. The good news is we had 4 investigadores (our only 4) in church yesterday so we are gonna be able to have some baptisms this change. It’s a great area, I only wish I had a little more time than just a couple of weeks to really work. But ya the computer I’m on is horrible right now, I think were gonna try to find some different ones later to finish writing. Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez transferring to Oaxaca with Elder Alvarez

“We got to baptize Reyna in the ocean Saturday”

“me, Reyna, Ema and Elder Rodriguez
Ema is probably  one of my favrotist people here, she might be the funniest person I have ever met. She is Reyna's mom and was baptized a couple of months ago.”

“Elder Valadez, Elder Muir and Rodrigo”

“the iguana I spent 4 months trying to catch.....”

Well, prez couldn’t leave me alone for just 6 more weeks haha. I’m back in the city right now and in Independencia 2. it was one of the biggest surprises, they not only took me out, but also Rodriguez and put in hermanas.... ;( wasn’t really the news I was hoping for) apart from the fact that we are opening up this area and have 0 investigatores).... we were scrambling around trying to call everybody the night before to say goodbye (and leave the house clean for the hermanas haha)

I was pretty sad, but it’s good knowing I’ll be able to go back in a couple weeks. prez stuck me in the area of the airport here. I just watch planes go and come all day. The good thing is Rodrigo came with me to the zone and is right next door( sort of). yep, google maps -Cuilapam, that’s the heart of my area- Atoyac.

The worst news by far though is I’ve only been here in Independencia for 24 hours and I love it! I hate hate hate knowing that I’ll only get to be here 6 weeks. I also hate it cause my new comp (Elder Alvarez) is awesome and are gonna work awesome together, but that we only have 6 weeks together! haha, but obviously I’m supposed to be here for a reason, and there’s some things that I’m supposed get done here during this time. so ya, sorry for not writing last day, everything’s good (just super cold!) I got some pics I’ll try to send! love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

send me the questions next week, I’m gonna write Carson real quick and then we gotta get home. I traveled all day yesterday and we had a member help us today so we didn’t get time til now to write.