Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

Happy new year’s everybody! This new year started off great here in Salina Cruz(except for the heat that is already coming..) we continued eating a lot with all the parties and stuff going on here. I think new year’s is the biggest holiday that is celebrated here, right up there with Independence day. Me and Elder Rodriguez are going to celebrate our first p-day in 2015 by going to Walmart today!

This week we’ve had a lot of breakthrough with a couple of our investigadores. First off is Iran, who’s from the Middle East and is big time Jewish. He’s the first person that I’ve taught here that hasn’t believed in Christ and to tell you the truth it’s pretty hard sometimes with that base. The good news is he is reading the Book of Mormon and likes it. Read 1st and 2nd Nefi  from the perspective of a Jew and it really shows how important the BOM is.

Another invesitgadore, Julian, who is a mason, also got married this last week, so that improves his chances of getting baptized like 500 percent.

We just changed from 10 to 12 church. A missionary’s worst nightmare here in Oaxaca is 8am church. It’s hard getting members, let alone investigadores to the chapel.

We’ve also been spending a lot of time working with the ex- missionaries in our Ward. Of the 8 in our Ward, 1 is bishop, 1 is less active and the other six are completely off the radar. It’s really crazy and actually really sad. We met one this week who just got off his misión 4 years ago in Argentina and he’s just sort of fallen away Little by Little. That’s pretty much the common story with all of them. That and also that there always seems to be girl problems involved too haha. But we are working a ton with them because those 6 could do a ton to help the Ward. It’s always great to have Elder Rodriguez drilling me about not going inactive in a couple months haha.

We also learned something very important this week that I didn’t know. An investigador CAN get baptized, if they are involved in chicken fighting.

Tomorrow is Wise Men Day, I’m sure we are gonna eat a lot of Rosca de Reyes, which is a really big cake that’s got a tiny doll figure inside. Whoever eats the piece with the Little doll thing has to buy tamales for everyone the next year(I owe a bunch of tamales in Juchitan from last year- haha).  It’s also when all the kids get presents from their parents cuz Santa comes on Christmas Day and the parents give gifts on Wiseman Day day.
Well hope you guys have a good week and enjoy your wise men day tomorrow.
love you guys!
Elder Sawyer

1- Do all the kids go to school? and then college? or get a job?

 Here most of the kids drop out of school in middle school. It’s not very common that they graduate from high school.

2- What is the most common form of transportation for the people? bus? taxi? personal car?

all the transportation here is buses and taxis. wealthy people drive cars.

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