Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

“you can have a lot more fun with 5 mattresses than you think..
Elders Gillespie, Rodriguez and Prieto. fighting with mattresses.”

The big news of last week was the big zone conference we had last week with elder Piper ( area 70). He talked a lot about Priesthood keys and we just talked a ton about doctrine. It was really laid back, which is way different from what we expected, this keyboard im typing on is horrible, mom will you fix my errors. So it was nice to go to Juchitan and spend the day and see all the other missionaries. It was weird knowing that that was my last multi-zone conference and the last time seeing a lot of those elders. I saw elder Patterson there for the first time in a long time. He’s going home 2 weeks early cause his brother is leaving on the mision.
Work here picked up a little more than last week and Reina is super prepared for her baptism next week.
The computer lady here just scolded me for eating a bolovone in here.
Me and my comp are dead because we’ve just been playing soccer for 4 hours. The bad news is the gringo team wasn’t able to repeat last week’s miracle and we got smacked 10-6.
During church this week I spent the whole 2 and 3rd hours registering the youth for EFY(cause it would only show up in English) the good thing is we got a couple of investigadores going(hopefully by then as miembros)! just got a couple more weeks left to leave it all on the field, have a good weeks you guys

Elder Sawyer

oh ya I almost forget. at the zone conference I got the good news that Salina Cruz 2 didn’t make the list for potencial areas to close down, as long as we keep the work moving here
prez said they’re not gonna fix something that is not broken

our chapel in Salina Cruz

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