Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

Melani, Fany and Pablo

Hermano Benito (we call him papa gallo) cutting the Rosca

Elder Sawyer and Elder Rodriguez

Rosca de Reyes with the Hernandez Zaragoza family
Hola! How’s everyone doing! me and Elder Rodriguez are doing good here, we just got done playing soccer and are beat (it’s really hot!) this last week started off a little tough with some pretty key investigadores either moving or leaving the area... it all happened one after another after another on like Tuesday so it was a pretty discouraging day. So our plans for the week kinda shifting and we just focused on finding people, just talking to everyone. We ended up finding a bunch of people with a lot of potencial and had a good day in church yesterday with 5 investigatores coming. The next baptism is gonna be the 31st, Reina, the daughter of Ema is gonna get baptized.

Also in church me and my comp. got to speak, only we didn’t know until they announced our names from the pulpit. Surprise! haha my comp almost wet his pants.

This week we are going to Juchitan for a multi- zone conference with a Seventy so that will be cool, and probably my last conference with a General Authority. but ya everything’s going good here, the times just flying!

I woke my comp up last week in the middle of the night cause we had to get all the bunnies out of the house, I sleep walk a lot. Mom, how’s your Spanish coming along? There’s gonna be a lot of people that want to be able to talk to you haha. One question, if I could get monkey tacos,, would you eat them?

I got a bunch of pics for you guys I’ll get sending them! have a good week! Go Ducks!

Elder Sawyer

Hermana Zaragoza got one

Salina Cruz

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