Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

"baby iguana"
"Elder Cameron, 30 seconds before getting bitten by an adult iguana
and having to go get 2 stitches"

this week we had an awesome week with the cherry on top -being 6 progressing investigadores in the church yesterday.  4 of those are going to get baptized this Friday-  Pablo, Kevin,  Gracia and Adelfin. We have been working a ton with menos activos because almost all of our área (and Oaxaca in general) is already members but inactive. It’s a pretty common thing to stop someone in the Street to contact them and to already know a ton about the church and get super excited and then ask them how they know so much and have them tell us they were an ex missionary. We have 9 ex missionaries in our área and 8 are inactive right now. we’re working on that, slowly, but surely....
Last night we got to go to the first presidencies Christmas devotional, the best thing about it is hearing hymns in English, its crazy to think that its December, we walk around sweating buckets all days. The wind is also getting ridiculous, it literarly  broke one of our Windows. I always think some of the houses are just gonna fly away.
We also had interviews with prez this week so that’s always good. it’s looking I’m gonna be finishing my misión out in Salina Cruz.
ooh, big question I almost forgot to ask, I got a pretty good cavity, there is a member here that could fill it and clean my teeth for 300 pesos?
Armandina emailed me the other day and told me she just got her patriarchal blessing. Ema’s  planning on going to the temple on the 20th to go do baptisms for her family members so that’s great for her too.
Hope you guys are enjoying Christmastime there in the AZ!
Have a good week love you guys!
Elder Sawyer
1. Are your neighbors friendly or scared of you or do they just avoid you?
they’re friendly but want nothing to do with the church

  2. do you have a vacuum or sweep with a broom?
haha, I haven’t seen a vacuum in 21 months

3.How do you spend most of your time on the computer on your P day?
answering your questions

4. Are there any good restaurants in town?
Burger King is the fancy one here in Salina Cruz

 5. Who cuts your hair? and how much does it cost?
sometimes companions, sometimes the barber down the street

 6. What kind of decorations do people do for Christmas?  lights on houses? trees? those blowup things in your front yard? reindeers (for tipping haha)?
usually pictures of their favorite virgins
I’ve seen one little tree and one house with lights

 7. how much money do you get each month?
 2000 pesos

8. what is the most expensive item you buy?

9. 6- what is the name of the kitty on your porch in your last pics?  you feed it?
It died, we called it la cosa

"Jose Mario (who was probably the most excited about the bracelets Abby made"

"Vanessa, Kevina and Jana"

"Pablo,  Gracia and Valeria"

"Jose Mario"

"a tarantula we found in our house"

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