Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

"the Christmas tree we put up on the 24th"

"our nativity that Abby made"

It was great to be able to talk to and see all you guys Christmas! It looked like you guys all had a great time with lots of family and fun stuff. We had a great Christmas here with lots of work and LOTS of food. We were also able to set a couple of baptismal dates and just talk about Christmas with everyone!  On Tuesday we had our mission activity with the Madsen’s, where we ate turkey and mashed potatoes and played games(I’m sure you’ve seen pictures) and talk about Christmas traditions in family. I learned that fondue doesn’t have a real direct translation, so everyone just thinks the Sawyer family sits around on Christmas eve and eats buckets of cheese and little hot dogs. The next day/Christmas eve we had like 7 food appointments. It was a tough day. But at the end of the day we ended up at the Canseco’s house where they made a big turkey. Christmas morning Mario came down to Salina Cruz for a visit and to take us out to lunch. From there we went back to the Canseco’s to eat reheated turkey and talk to you guys. Christmas here is a lot different than in the states. Lots of fireworks and drunks and parties. It’s more like new year’s than Christmas. Thursday we had our ward party and broke piƱatas and ate even more turkey. So ya it was a good week, a little slower though cause we have to be in our houses earlier every night for these 2 weeks but it’s all good! Have a good happy new year’s!
 Love you guys!!
Elder Sawyer

"Christmas eve turkey dinner- raisins and pineapple, but it tasted like a normal turkey"

"Mario came for Christmas"

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