Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

getting the anesthetic shot
this is the craziest thing ive seen in my life.
remind me to tell you guys the giant tarantula story at Christmas

view of our house balcony

the sky here is super cool

baptisms of Pablo and Gracia

baptisms  of Adelfina and Kevin

Hanna and Kevin

stake activity. these are the hermanas in our Ward that danced

Pablo, Gracia and Marta at church

this is something very common here they do for Ward activities.
Jamaica juice in a garbage can
Today are changes- me and Rodriguez are staying the same here. the thing is though is that both our zone leaders got moved, so I got put in charge of changes here so I won’t get a lot of time to write, I’ll try to get pics sent right now and I might get some more time later.

This week we had 4 baptisms! Adelfina, Kevin, Pablo and Graciae. We found Adelfina my first week that we got here to Salina Cruz. She takes care of her 3 grandchildren. The family situation there is just a wreck, but she’s awesome, she does everything to help her kids have a good life and go to school and just have food to eat, but they had been going thru a lot of problems when we found them. We taught them little by little consistently over the last 3 months and they eventually started coming to church and to activities and started opening up little by little. They are really shy, but they’ve changed a ton. They decided they wanted to get baptized. When we asked her right before her baptism why she decided to do it she told us because it gives them a reason to live and a reason to keep moving forward. Pablo and Gracia are two kids we found when we were looking for another family. Their mom is a member of the church since she was born. She went to Benemérito, married a return missionary and got sealed in the temple. Then her husband got excommunicated, they got divorced and it went all downhill from there. Their mom fell into some pretty bad stuff, but has a goal to get back to the temple. Her kids are really helping her get back on the right track. Emma, our other recent convert, is going to the temple to do baptisms with our Ward this Friday and is going to be the first councilor in the primary. She is super awesome, always the first one to get to church. I also just picked up Elder Muir from ADO (bus station). He has been in the bosque for the last 7 months (he was my replacement). He had some Christmas presents from Armandina for me and said that Armandina and Soledad are doing great! So ya that’s just kinda the update on things.....but ya I hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it!!!
Elder Sawyer


1- What did you do about your tooth? 
1. I went to a member’s that is a dentist. A filling had split and I had a pretty big cavity where the split was. She took out the filling, drilled out the cavity and put in a new filling. She only charged me 400 pesos (for the anesthesia and stuff) What happened to your teeth, Mom? I’ll send you pics of mine... maybe you can just wait and have it done for cheap in Oaxaca haha 

2- need anything?
2- nope

3- do you have a picture of your paper tree?
3. We don’t get our packages till Christmas, Hna Madsen is hoarding them all  haha

4- Do the Oaxacan people have tattoos like Americans do?
4. haha ya but there so bad quality its actually pretty funny

5- I want you to buy me a Nativity - please look for one.
5. I’m  looking but there’s not really things like that here. Now if you want a Virgen Maria that’s a different story.

6- How are the grocery stores different from the US?
6. We shop in Walmart, it’s pretty much the same. kinda, but you’ll see.

7- Have you used your "medical kit" that we made?  What are you so glad we packed?
7. ya, I’ve used all the medicine not really Band-Aids or stuff like that though.

8- spoken in church recently?
8- ya, last week

9- What did you eat this week? list at least 10 things.
9. rice, beans, eggs, rice, beans, eggs, rice, beans, eggs, rice.

10- Do you the time for the Christmas call ? 
10. ya I need you to send my username and password. I have no idea where we’re gonna do it from, what time is Carson doing all that?

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  1. I am loving his blog. I hope it's okay I am reading it. My daughter left two days ago for the CCM and heads to Oaxaca in six weeks. She is my first missionary, and needless to say it has been difficult. I miss her already. I keep finding blogs to fill my need to hear from her. This is all very useful. We have considered picking her up from her mission, but I'm still unsure. I hope it all works out great for you.
    Andrea in California