Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

“the Morro cocaine plane. I’ll tell you that story when I get home, it’s too long to explain”

“peeling corn to make tamales at an investigators house”

Hi everybody! This week went really great and really busy! Wednesday we spent the whole day in Juchitan for a multi-zone conference and also practicing for the Christmas program we put on. It was fun to go and see all my buddies from the other zones and it was weird to think that it was one of the last times I’d probably be seeing most of them.
Last night we had the talent show/Christmas program here in our stake, and it went really well. After church we spent all day rehearsing and practicing it was crazy! A ton of people showed up, so many that there wasn’t enough chairs in the chapel and everyone had to stand along the walls and stuff it was pretty cool. I got picked to sort of be the emcee of it, so that was fun. I’m sure Hermana Madsen will have some pics and stuff on Facebook soon, she took a ton haha. We also had a good week in our area this week, we have a couple of baptisms coming  up for the next week, right before changes, so that will be cool. Thanksgiving here was normal, nothing special. We had rice, beans and eggs for lunch haha. I got a bunch of pictures to send so I’ll get going with those but have a good week! Happy birthday Abby!

Elder Sawyer
“with Pablo and Grecia. we got a perfect score on our English project. these two are part of a menos activo familia, they’ll be getting baptized in a couple of weeks”

“view from one of our mountains”
1- How do you listen to music? Do you listen to it?
I listen to talks and BYU speeches in the morning, while I’m getting ready usually. I have it all on an USB and then I got a little speaker.
 2- What is one of the most important things you've learned from your companion?
be careful when your digging around septic tanks
3- Do you have enough money?  Are you eating 3 meals a day?
yep.  3 meals and more.
4- How are your shoes/boots holding up? are they really waterproof?
ya they’re awesome, they could easily last another 2 years.
5- What kinds of jobs do most people have in Salina Cruz?
they mostly work in the petroleum refinery.
 6- Do they women work too? mothers with small children too?
ya, usually selling food or stuff like that.
7- Do they have siesta every afternoon for a couple hours?  does everyone nap during this time?
nope, no siestas en Mexico
8- Is your apartment comfortable? 
ya, we have one of the best apartments in the mission right now
9- Do you get too hot or cold at night?
it sometimes gets hot, but we have fans
10- What is the traditional dessert in Salina Cruz?  do you like it? do you have it often?
arroz con leche and yes I love it!

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