Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

So today is changes, but nope nothings changing. Me and Elder Rodriguez are gonna be here for another six more weeks. Actually this change is only gonna be for 5 weeks cause of Christmas and New Years and all that stuff.
This week was kind of a slower week. it’s actually funny you asked about my stomach this week... let’s just say I spent a lot more time in the bathroom than I would’ve liked to this week.... the doctor told me I either had/have a worm or an amoeba. he gave me a horsepill that was supposed to kill anything inside me that was living there. not to fun.
The good news is we did find a couple solid investigadores this week and have quite a bit of people progressing. We don’t have a lot of quantity as far as our investigadores go, but they are quality ones.
this week we had choir practice for the Christmas program, nothing’s changed, I still can’t sing but I did get asked to narrate it haha we also played soccer again today so I’m super tired again haha, we got an athletic district (meaning there’s only two gringos including me) so it’s way fun and competitive. No pictures this week, all my pictures would have been me in the bathroom. if you want...
but ya, not a super exciting week this week but for the most part it was good haha
love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer
1.How big is the ward in Salina Cruz(say, by asistencia en Domingo)?
our barrios pretty average sized for Oaxaca, about 60 people there on Sundays.

2.Is it all walking, or do you ever do busses or taxis?
pure walking, our ├íreas one of the smallest in the misi├│n but it’s also pure hills.
3. Do you get good support from the barrio, like from the consejo, etc.?
kinda, we’re one of the rare barrios that almost has a full consejo. all we are missing is a elders quorum prez

4. How is your gut? stomach problems?
I’m out of tums

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