Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26, 2014- Multi-zone conference

Conferencia multizona de la zonas Juchitán México,
Juchitán Las Flores y Salina Cruz


“my Tongan buddies at the choir last night”
“me and Elder Scott in the middle with our kids- Elder Rodriguiez and Dominguez”

“Elder Farnes, probably the last time I was gonna see him”

“Elder Whitehead and me”

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

"where we wash our clothes"

“Here’s some pics of our house, it’s definitely one of the better ones in the mission”

Hi everybody, it was kind of an interesting week this week. It all started two days ago when we went to help the Guaddarama’s  do some digging to try to find where a leak was in their underground septic tank. As we were shoveling my comp found the leak... and then wacked it with the shovel...  long story short we spent 3 hours bucketing out 1,000 liters of the things you find in septic tanks. We got home and burned our clothes.

After that we went to eat the comida. After 20 months I’ve found the first thing I don’t like here. It’s called mondongo. I’m not sure what it all contains, I just know it’s got something to do with fried pigs skin that still has hair left on it. It also looks like something you’d find in a septic tank.

But our week did get better, we found a couple new families. We found a menos activo guy that hasn’t gone to church in more than 20 years. He’s so menos activo that he asked us pray to the virgin Guadalupe for him.... we’re gonna work with him and his family who aren’t members.

Mom and Dad, you’ll be fine here, just a drink a big oat shake in the morning to protect the stomach and don’t eat a lot of picante during the day. There are Walmarts and stuff here too... you and dad should take those probiotic things you sent me with, they helped a lot I didn’t have a lot of problems..

yes, everyone here has either been to the U.S. or has had a family member cross. kinda a sore subject being from Arizona, we try to avoid those conversations... haha. We for sure see the influx of Southern Americans here in Oaxaca.

Our area has dirty hills with lots of brush. Not the prettiest area I’ve had. 

Elder Rodriguez is doing good, really getting the hang of being a missionary.

Another cool thing that happened, we saw a Catholic exorcism! It was so crazy- it was our neighbors. At first we thought they were having a huge crazy party, then we thought it was a big fight, and then we realized what was really going on. It was super weird... we went and contacted the house the next day and told them we have the Priesthood, they invited us to come back another day haha. This week’s gonna be full of zone meetings and choir practices! It’s gonna be good. I forgot my camera, but I’ll send pics next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Sawyer

“a family home evening activity that we did.
we made a human table with Wilbert and Manuel”

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

"my area in Salina Cruz"
This week was another normal week, but a lot better cause I wasn’t walking around with a worm inside me. (when I get home I want to get some blood work down to see what’s been in my body for these two years) yes everythings going better with the stomach, still not exactly sure what I ate but everything’s better now. it’s probably a good idea to start preparing your guys stomachs, cause we are gonna eat a bunch of good food.

that’s cool about the temple, I can’t wait to get back and go thru both. I’m on a 7 month drought without having gone to the temple so I’m ready. Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome game for QC!

 This week has also been pretty hot, I got pretty burned last Monday after playing soccer all day). Today we have a member that’s taking us to a buffet, so that’s probably gonna be the highlight of our pday. We are having a lot of success in our area, the biggest difficulty like always is getting people to the chapel. Our area is in the center of Salina, but it’s kind of the ghetto area(its funny cause there’s a list of neighborhoods that missionaries aren’t supposed to go into after 6 pm, but our WHOLE area is on the list haha). So everyone’s really poor and it’s hard for them to get to church sometimes on buses and taxis. We’ve decided that we are just gonna contact every house that has a car haha.

On the 12th of diciembre we are gonna have a big zone baptism day that we’ve been planning for a while. every companionship has been preparing people to get baptized that day so we can have a cool ceremony(maybe on the beach haha) but we got a couple of investigadorers that are hopefully ready for that day(we just got to get them to church!) so that’s what were gonna be working on this week!

 love you guys have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

1- what is your favorite lesson to teach?
I like teaching about the book of mormon

 2- what is your favorite scripture story? why?
 I like the story of the book of ether, it just amazes me every time how it ends..

 3- How many dogs have chased you on your mission? how many have caught you?
haha a lot of dogs have chased me, one got close but I punted it just about to Arizona.

4- what could you "absolutely not live without" in the mission field?

 5- what is your favorite drink to drink on your mission, besides water? how often do you drink it?
powerade, maybe once a month its super expensive here

"someone lost their turtle"

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

So today is changes, but nope nothings changing. Me and Elder Rodriguez are gonna be here for another six more weeks. Actually this change is only gonna be for 5 weeks cause of Christmas and New Years and all that stuff.
This week was kind of a slower week. it’s actually funny you asked about my stomach this week... let’s just say I spent a lot more time in the bathroom than I would’ve liked to this week.... the doctor told me I either had/have a worm or an amoeba. he gave me a horsepill that was supposed to kill anything inside me that was living there. not to fun.
The good news is we did find a couple solid investigadores this week and have quite a bit of people progressing. We don’t have a lot of quantity as far as our investigadores go, but they are quality ones.
this week we had choir practice for the Christmas program, nothing’s changed, I still can’t sing but I did get asked to narrate it haha we also played soccer again today so I’m super tired again haha, we got an athletic district (meaning there’s only two gringos including me) so it’s way fun and competitive. No pictures this week, all my pictures would have been me in the bathroom. if you want...
but ya, not a super exciting week this week but for the most part it was good haha
love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer
1.How big is the ward in Salina Cruz(say, by asistencia en Domingo)?
our barrios pretty average sized for Oaxaca, about 60 people there on Sundays.

2.Is it all walking, or do you ever do busses or taxis?
pure walking, our áreas one of the smallest in the misión but it’s also pure hills.
3. Do you get good support from the barrio, like from the consejo, etc.?
kinda, we’re one of the rare barrios that almost has a full consejo. all we are missing is a elders quorum prez

4. How is your gut? stomach problems?
I’m out of tums

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

We got permission for Mario to take us to see the sun rise last P-day in Morro.
It was pretty cool.
It’s one of the only places you can see the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean.

Mario and Andrew

Elders Bagshaw, Rodriguez, Sawyer and Cameron

Things have been going pretty good for us here in Salina Cruz 2. The área is really getting going and we’re pretty much over the humps that come with opening a new área. We got a pretty solid group of investigatores with Andrea and Diego leading the pack. They are a young couple that has a little baby and it’s awesome to teach them. We talked to Diego for about an hour last night about the temple. He’s an architect in training and he just lives them. Of course we talked about the more important aspects of the temple also and he was just as excited.

Ema, the lady who got baptized is doing great also. Ema is a lady we found when we were  walking around lost here our first week. She had talked with missionaries before but had never really progressed. We set a cita with her and went back, taught here about the book of Mormon, got an answer that night and was super excited to get baptized. She tells everyone that were her grandkids. She’s trucking thru the book of Mormon and doing family history and getting ready to go to the temple to do baptisms.

Jose Manuel is awesome too, his WHOLE family has reactivated. We’ve been working a ton with them.

This week it’s also been super windy, like so windy sometimes you can’t walk it’s really crazy but also cool. It makes that sun not seem so hot. This week we had a noche de hogar  for the whole Ward- and us and the other two missionaries made the plan of salvacuuion in the chapel and it turned out awesome. A ton of people showed up and it was a good way to spend Halloween. For day of the dead, all I got to say is tamales tamales and more tamales. It was great haha. but ya besides that, this is week 6, we’re probably gonna both be here another change together, but it just shows that time is flying by!

 love you guys have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

Baptism of Jose Manuel

Baptism of Ema

This is where we live. Salina Cruz is built around the petroleum place and every one Works there. I’ll probably leave here with cáncer or green skin or something