Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

Elder Sawyer and Alditho- watching General Conference

This week has been a super crazy week here in Salina Cruz. We haven’t had electricity since we got here and have pretty much just been walking around lost trying to orientate ourselves. But all in all it went really good, we were actually able to put three baptismal dates and all 3 came to general conference Sunday. General conference was great! It was weird watching it in the exact same room as one year ago. I really liked Richard g Scotts talk about his 4 tools that help us in our lives and elder Bednar’s talk at the end was perfect for all those investigatores there. It was also pretty cool that some of the speakers talked in their native language. For the Spanish ones we snuck in the back of the chapel to hear it in Spanish instead of the translation. Everyone laughed when they saw all the gringos go in and out for the one talk haha. The coolest part was seeing everybody from Morro haha, today I actually got permission and we went and ate iguana with Mario and I was able to say hi to a bunch of people, which was awesome. It’s way hot here and our area is pure hills, so I’m dropping a ton of weight. I like it here and there’s a lot of potencial in the area and elder Rodriguez is doing awesome in his first week! Wow that sounds quite the week with sports, too bad for QC, but Schureman will get it fixed for the playoffs. I actually heard about a lot of that college football stuff that happened, pres Madsen is a little bit bigger college football fan than pres Leyva haha.
 but ya that’s about it- have A GOOD WEEK!
Elder Sawyer
"introducing Elder Rodriguez to iguana"

"most of the group from Morro who came to watch General Conf in Salina Cruz"

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