Monday, October 27, 2014

October 29, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

not gonna write today. I got a ton of pics though 
I’ll be back in a minute, gonna go find a ciber where I can send pics
doesn’t look like I’ll be able to send pics this week,next week I’ll send bunch
next week, bye! next week!

He did answer a couple of my questions:

9- do you have pets in Salina Cruz?
 9. we have two pitbulls that live downstairs. they actually killed another dog the other day
10- How many hours of meetings to you go to on Sunday?
 10. 3 and then consejo de barrio
11- Do you have trouble sleeping?
 11. no, but I might have to get my sleep walking checked out, it’s gotten kinda bad
 12- is it loud and noisy in your city?
 12. we work in the middle of nowhere so no
13- what do you for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you eat with the members, or cook for yourself, or buy it off the street?
 13. we eat lunch with members. breakfast and dinners are usually smoothies and cereal and eggs or pasta
14- What personal hygiene supplies do you miss? Are they really different there?
 14.  anything of quality is super expensive. but it’s all the same kinda.

Salina Cruz district

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