Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

Hey guys whats up! So this was great! First off we baptized Jose Manuel! I’ll try to send pics in a minute but it was cool cause another Ward had a baptism and a ton of people showed up including all of Jose’s family who are menos activos. We are working a ton with them and to get there grandparents to the temple and also with the grandsons cause there are 3 potencial missionarios there.

This week it also rained like a beast. Salina Cruz is known for its flooding and it gets dangerous with all the hills. We had to walk home yesterday and my comp almost got washed away in the current, but we made it.

Today we went to the beach and played some volleyball and then Mario took us to get burgers at Burger King. There is nothing more fancy here than Burger King- it’s kinda funny.

I got tazed twice this week, haha  ya, you can buy  tazers here. One of my zone leaders tazed me cause I put an  iguana in their bedroom haha I also got a crab stuck in my mouth  haha I can’t wait for you to come here haha it’s such a different world

This week we also got another baptism planned with Emma for Saturday. She is awesome, she has had some awesome spiritual experiences and getting an answer, she’ s gonna be a great convert.

 I also fixed our toilet. The floaty ball has to go down or the tank doesn’t fill back up.

The 2 pit bulls that live in our house got in a fight this week and killed our neighbors pit bulls. That was quite the morning.

We also had a zone meeting this week and it was great to just sit back and listen for a couple hours.  

have a good week love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

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