Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014- in Salina Cruz with Elder Rodriguez

this week was a lot better in here in salina cruz. me and elder Rodriguez have got the area down a lot better now and don’t spend as much time walking around lost as we did. We are actually having a lot of success and actually have some baptisms coming up in this next couple of weeks.

This week , José Manual, a ten year old kid from a part member family is going to get baptized. all his family is in the process of getting reactivated also. so ya he’s the first of many that we hope to see get baptized in our area. oh and yes we finally have electricity.... right now for us it’s just been pretty much a ton of contacting and meeting new people. we don’t have a ton of active members that live in our area( the majority live in salina 1) but we do have a lot of menos activos that gotta get going. my comps doing awesome, you would have never thought he only had a couple of weeks. it’s really different here and I miss puerto but it’s all great.

let’s see, also this week someone threw a dead cat in our patio, I met a menos activo in our ward that was (and still is) like a big time boxer he’s sixty years old and preparing for a big fight in a couple weeks. the lesson started with us talking to him about Jesus Christ and finished with me outside in boxing gloves and him telling me to hit him as hard as I can in the stomach. Also I ate another iguana and ate tacos at a place called taco madre..
have a good week!
Elder Sawyer

From the YM/YW- we are doing a special missionary mutual. Can you please ask each of your missionaries to send a brief message to the youth of the ward about their missionary experience.

1. read the book of mormon. it’s hard to ask people to do something if you’ve never done it yourself.

2.after you read the book of mormon pray about it and ask to know it’s true, there’s nothing more important than a true testimony of it.

3.have good habits of waking up early, studying, exercising and eating lots of food and drinking water, cleaning bathrooms, take out the trash putting on deodorant and shutting the fridge. the little things make a big difference.

4.know how to take care of yourself. maybe you don’t need to learn how to wash clothes in a bucket or cook food on an iron but stuff like ironing a shirt and shining shoes are important.

5. don’t snore. there is nothing worse than a companion who snores.(actually there is, it’s a brother who snores)

6.go to mutual, don’t sleep in seminary, listen to your parents, stuff like that

really the most important thing is doing the little things.

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