Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

"Playa Bacacho"
"the elders"

"the hermanas"

Hi everybody! Well, we just got back from the beach, we got permission to go and play volleyball and just look at the water. I’m sure our group looked pretty interesting, getting really close to the water, but never touching it haha. So that was pretty fun- also this week was Mexican Independence day, and ya it got kinda crazy. The rama had a party and it was pretty crazy, I took a bunch of pics and videos and I’ll send those in a minute. About 150 went to the party Saturday night and then about 50 showed up for sacrament meeting.... haha poco a poco.
The space bar on the computer is broken and it’s really annoying me, will you fix my letter mom. thanks.
Also this week we had a multi zone conference in Huatulco, so that was pretty cool. Prez talked to me after and it looks like I won’t be here next change... but nothing is set in stone so we will see. This week we had 7 investigatores and 7 menos activos come to church. It was one of the better Sundays in my mission (apart from the members dropping the ball haha) we are working way hard and our area is exploding right now. The members are working really hard right now and that makes all the difference.
But I’ll send you guys some pics in a minute and stuff but thanks for all the emails and letters and packages and have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

"face paint, cause that's what you do for Mexican Independence Day"
"Melissa dressed up and sang for the presentation haha she's an awesome convert!"

"happy Mexican independence day"

"Jorge! we're helping him get ready for the mission"

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