Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

“what I bought for food this week (it’s watermelon season again.)”

“the hermanas "helping me open my package"

"I got the package, I think it was all there, just a little opened"
Happy sept. 15! everybody! haha today and tomorrow are gonna be crazy! And there’s not a better place to spend it than in Puerto Escondido. Tonight we are not even gonna leave to work, we have to be in house at 6 here haha. Should be a big difference from last years. Saturday is the ward party and it’s gonna be awesome! don’t worry I’ll take pics.
This week was also district conference so prez. came out to speak. haha prez is crazy! he’s such an awesome guy, super different from prez Leyva. haha during his talk to the priesthood leaders he stops and asks us in the middle of it how to translate hellfire and brimstone in Spanish. haha super random.
Today we also played some soccer with a ton of jovenes and now were super tired cause we played like 3 hours straight. It’s incredible watching some of these kids play barefoot and just how good they are.
The big news for this week is Melissa’s daughter, America is gonna get baptized which is gonna be awesome.
Thanks for the package, I finally got it this week. haha it was good and pretty ripped up. My favorite thing was the big lizard that grows in water!
C….. is just staying stagnant, we really don’t know what’s going on with them. poco a poco.
I think one of the dogs got hit by a car this week, but I’ll get a pic with the other two. but ya, just enjoying the time here, it looks like I probably only got two weeks left here in Puerto so I’m gonna make the most of them!
Love you guys! Drinking is bad!

Elder Sawyer
"thanks for the s'mores"

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