Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

hey everybody- how’s it going? Another crazy week here in Puerto trying to find houses and move fridges and fill up baptismal fonts. We’ve had some house problems with some of the hermanas so a lot(too much) time was dedicated to that (and today we are trying to figure out how to get their fridge and beds and stuff to the new house cause they are getting kicked out at twelve, but it’ll all work out. there were also two baptisms in the rama this week (C...... and K.......) and they asked me to do it,  so that was cool. the problem was it had rained the day before and the water came out black into the font, we had to go sign a house contract so we left 2 hermanas in charge of the font water. they decided it would be a great idea to just dye the water blue.....with ink!  The font is stained and so are my clothes- Let’s just say we are about to buy a lot of cloro and bleach haha.  I think I’ll send my clothes to the hermanas too This week I also ate some different things. Monday an hermana made, especially for me, pulpo a la diabla (octopus of the devil), and it was awesome and then the next day we had a cocktail de calamar y pez bella (squid cocktail and beautiful fish) which was awesome. I’ll send pics next week. This week Mellissa’s daughter America is gonna get baptized and we are getting Melissa ready to go do baptisms for the dead which intrigues her a ton (I don’t know if that is the right word in English) and the good news is C........ gonna know Wednesday if he’s divorced or if his wife is gonna drag it out for a while- so keep him in your prayers. We got some rain but not much else from the hurricane. everyone here is getting ready for the 15 and 16th of septiembre, I’m super excited to be here in Puerto for that, it’s gonna be cool, but ya that’s the news, hope you guys have a good week
go QC
Elder Sawyer

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