Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014-in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

some kids of a menos activo family, we had some old ties on us and gave them to them

Hi everybody! Things are going awesome here in Puerto! It’s already week six of the change, hopefully I’ll be writing from here again next week! First off A..... and C...., they were like fighting a ton this week cause C..... is always working and they never have time as a family and everything was getting like really heated with them and stuff. and Sunday they didn’t go to church and we got a message from A.... saying that they wouldn’t be able to go cause some bad things happened and to keep them in our prayers and stuff, so we were all worried and stuff and after church we went to visit them and we were just expecting to find a mess of a situation, but they were all sitting around the pool(in their hotel) reading the book of Mormon. haha we were way surprised. Long story short they had both gotten 2 job offers earlier that day that would allow them to have Sundays off and nights during the week. and they were sitting there with the keys to the hotel waiting to turn them in to the dueƱo. They were so happy it was awesome and they starting talking about their baptism and also getting married in the temple and they were all worried that me and Allred wouldn’t be able to go cause in a year we’ll be off our missions haha it was awesome! Dang, I hate writing to you guys about investigatores cause I can barely describe it all really good, but it was awesome. They invited us over to eat and celebrate today later hhaaha. It’s good to be a missionary. But ya that’s one of the cool things that happened this week. A not so good thing that happened is I dropped a tamale on my foot and scalded it pretty good, but it’s getting better haha besides that not anything super outside the ordinary! Have a good week you guys! I’ll try to send a couple pics
Elder Sawyer

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