Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

some members that we went and saw, these little kids are way funny
 Hi everybody, sounds like everything’s going good back home. I’m sure elder sawyer number two probably has a lot more interesting stuff but here in Puerto it was a good this week also. We had 6 investigatores that have baptisms planned next week. 3 is a familia , c....,  a...... and k..... that are like the awesomest investigatores ever, but they are not married(a... and c.....), that really sucks cause it’s really hard to get people married here in the mission. and it’s harder cause we are both gringos and don’t have an abogado in the rama. but whatever, it’s all gonna work out, it always does. So if you could keep those 3 in your prayers this week that would be great. It’s gonna take a medio milagro. Also this week prez came out to Puerto and we did some divisions with the assistents. We didn’t really see a ton of them though cause they spent all Saturday at fancy restaurants and at surf competitions..... haha Puerto’s awesome. but ya things are looking up in the zone. we’ve broke the dry spell on baptisms and hopefully we are gonna have like 10 this month (we got a goal of going from the very bottom to the very top in 1 month with the smallest zone) rebuilding times over so from here on out hopefully y we can keep it going! but ya besides that it is ridiculously humid here. and I ate shark.
love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer

Rick, an American that lives here, made us American food – spaghetti,  bread with butter and salad- it was awesome

At the chapel of Puerto Escondido with Elder Biggs, Elder Chávez, Elder Allred (Zone Leader), Elder Sawyer (Zone Leader), Sister Noriega (Sister Training Leader) and Sister Contreras (Sister Training Leader).

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