Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

Buenos Dias everyone! So yep today is changes, but nope, nothing new. Me and Allred are gonna be staying here in Puerto for another change which I’m excited for cause we are gonna have a ton of baptisms hopefully. First off, this week Melisa is gonna get baptized. She is awesome and loves the church, she sometimes goes to both branches and just is at the church for like 6 hours every Sunday. the problem is she doesn’t have a ton of support from her husband who’s cool with her getting baptized, but just doesn’t really want anything with religion. he actually has a big death saint in his house (that’s the one thing I don’t understand about people here, all the saints they worship in general, but come on, something called the death saint you gotta think wouldn’t be such a great idea) but ya, that’s the situation there. But she’s awesome and has changed a ton. I love teaching her cause she just eats it up and always has a ton of questiones. She’s got 3 little kids and one of them is actually gonna be baptized in 2 weeks (named Amerika). A..... and C...... still aren’t married, they’re super excited but for some reason just won’t do it. They are paying tithing, fast offerings, there daughters going to seminary but still aren’t members. But poco a poco they’ll get there. They are some of the best members we have and they’re not even members yet. there’s a song playing right now in the cyber where I’m at that I’ve learned. it’s called “yo solo quiero darte un beso”. I’m gonna try to get permission to sing it at the branch talent show this week. If not there’s a song called “corre, corazo” that I want to sing haha. Look them up, they’re good songs

Well ya that’s about it. I think we are gonna try to go eat on the beach before we gotta be at ado to do some cambio stuff love ya guys!

Elder Sawyer

Happy 21st anniversary also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thank  you for not marrying other people first and then leaving them without getting divorced! 

our porch with our dog out front. we actually have 3 dogs- I'll get a picture with them next week

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