Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

Hey guys, this was a pretty awesome week. First big news is that Melissa got baptized and it was awesome. So many people showed up that us all couldn’t fit in the room and had to stand outside and just look in through the door for the program. It was also good cause her husband came and was able to be there for that. It’s gonna take a lot of work with him and a miracle to get him moving, but he definitely took a step in the right direction Saturday. A.......,  C..... and K...... are doing awesome too. They are such good investigatores that they stay after church for the mission prep class, just to learn more and listen haha. They still need to get married, keep them in your prayers. Also this week we had a leadership training with pres. the mission is changing big time, it’s really kind of weird, but cool to be a part of it. But ya I also bought a camera and got some pics for you guys so I’ll get them sent over have a good week!
And I didn’t get to sing cause we had interviews with pres....

Love you guys, Elder Sawyer

Dad- yep, I think football’s one of the best things you can do to prepare for the mission. and about the money thing, we get enough to do everything we need. it’s a problem for missionaries that like to buy a lot of junk. don’t worry, I’m more worried that we are getting to much to eat here and just spend most of our time figuring out how to get out of eating food with hermanas. haha


Melissa, her family and Eli, Azul and Ximena who are their friends who helped her in the church

Melissa and her family

talent show, where the district and rama presidencias dressed up as old guys with masks and danced

Me and Angel

Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014- Leadership Council in the Coast

The Leadership Council in the coast includes the zone leaders and sister training leaders from the Huatulco and Puerto Escondido zones.
all pictures from the mission Oaxaca Facebook page

Elders Sawyer and Allred

I asked Andrew what this picture was all about, he said, "Hermana Madsen gave us some cookies and wanted a picture for Facebook"

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

Buenos Dias everyone! So yep today is changes, but nope, nothing new. Me and Allred are gonna be staying here in Puerto for another change which I’m excited for cause we are gonna have a ton of baptisms hopefully. First off, this week Melisa is gonna get baptized. She is awesome and loves the church, she sometimes goes to both branches and just is at the church for like 6 hours every Sunday. the problem is she doesn’t have a ton of support from her husband who’s cool with her getting baptized, but just doesn’t really want anything with religion. he actually has a big death saint in his house (that’s the one thing I don’t understand about people here, all the saints they worship in general, but come on, something called the death saint you gotta think wouldn’t be such a great idea) but ya, that’s the situation there. But she’s awesome and has changed a ton. I love teaching her cause she just eats it up and always has a ton of questiones. She’s got 3 little kids and one of them is actually gonna be baptized in 2 weeks (named Amerika). A..... and C...... still aren’t married, they’re super excited but for some reason just won’t do it. They are paying tithing, fast offerings, there daughters going to seminary but still aren’t members. But poco a poco they’ll get there. They are some of the best members we have and they’re not even members yet. there’s a song playing right now in the cyber where I’m at that I’ve learned. it’s called “yo solo quiero darte un beso”. I’m gonna try to get permission to sing it at the branch talent show this week. If not there’s a song called “corre, corazo” that I want to sing haha. Look them up, they’re good songs

Well ya that’s about it. I think we are gonna try to go eat on the beach before we gotta be at ado to do some cambio stuff love ya guys!

Elder Sawyer

Happy 21st anniversary also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thank  you for not marrying other people first and then leaving them without getting divorced! 

our porch with our dog out front. we actually have 3 dogs- I'll get a picture with them next week

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014-in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

some kids of a menos activo family, we had some old ties on us and gave them to them

Hi everybody! Things are going awesome here in Puerto! It’s already week six of the change, hopefully I’ll be writing from here again next week! First off A..... and C...., they were like fighting a ton this week cause C..... is always working and they never have time as a family and everything was getting like really heated with them and stuff. and Sunday they didn’t go to church and we got a message from A.... saying that they wouldn’t be able to go cause some bad things happened and to keep them in our prayers and stuff, so we were all worried and stuff and after church we went to visit them and we were just expecting to find a mess of a situation, but they were all sitting around the pool(in their hotel) reading the book of Mormon. haha we were way surprised. Long story short they had both gotten 2 job offers earlier that day that would allow them to have Sundays off and nights during the week. and they were sitting there with the keys to the hotel waiting to turn them in to the dueño. They were so happy it was awesome and they starting talking about their baptism and also getting married in the temple and they were all worried that me and Allred wouldn’t be able to go cause in a year we’ll be off our missions haha it was awesome! Dang, I hate writing to you guys about investigatores cause I can barely describe it all really good, but it was awesome. They invited us over to eat and celebrate today later hhaaha. It’s good to be a missionary. But ya that’s one of the cool things that happened this week. A not so good thing that happened is I dropped a tamale on my foot and scalded it pretty good, but it’s getting better haha besides that not anything super outside the ordinary! Have a good week you guys! I’ll try to send a couple pics
Elder Sawyer

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

some members that we went and saw, these little kids are way funny
 Hi everybody, sounds like everything’s going good back home. I’m sure elder sawyer number two probably has a lot more interesting stuff but here in Puerto it was a good this week also. We had 6 investigatores that have baptisms planned next week. 3 is a familia , c....,  a...... and k..... that are like the awesomest investigatores ever, but they are not married(a... and c.....), that really sucks cause it’s really hard to get people married here in the mission. and it’s harder cause we are both gringos and don’t have an abogado in the rama. but whatever, it’s all gonna work out, it always does. So if you could keep those 3 in your prayers this week that would be great. It’s gonna take a medio milagro. Also this week prez came out to Puerto and we did some divisions with the assistents. We didn’t really see a ton of them though cause they spent all Saturday at fancy restaurants and at surf competitions..... haha Puerto’s awesome. but ya things are looking up in the zone. we’ve broke the dry spell on baptisms and hopefully we are gonna have like 10 this month (we got a goal of going from the very bottom to the very top in 1 month with the smallest zone) rebuilding times over so from here on out hopefully y we can keep it going! but ya besides that it is ridiculously humid here. and I ate shark.
love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer

Rick, an American that lives here, made us American food – spaghetti,  bread with butter and salad- it was awesome

At the chapel of Puerto Escondido with Elder Biggs, Elder Chávez, Elder Allred (Zone Leader), Elder Sawyer (Zone Leader), Sister Noriega (Sister Training Leader) and Sister Contreras (Sister Training Leader).