Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

I asked an Hermana to cook it, she said it has to grow bigger.

an iguana

hi everybody! So today we have cambios again. They just keep going faster and faster. I’m staying here in Puerto but Gibby’s headed out. Actually he got sent to Amapolas and which is pretty cool. Today Diestra called me to say goodbye and then passed the phone around to Armandina, Soledad and a couple other people so that was pretty cool. My new comp is elder Allred, he’s just getting moved up so I’m gonna be training him this change as zl. Last week we also had our first zone conference with the Madsen’s. Holy cow it’s gonna be way different. Really different. We talked a lot how we need to be happy and not worry and try our best, it kinda felt like EFY  haha. So that’s our goal this week to be misioneros gozosos. I think we are gonna have a leadership conference this week (which means 12 hours back and forth from the city again) so we’ll get to meet him a lot better then. Being in Puerto is kind of like being on an island, so we kinda get information and news last. but everything’s going good here. Me and Gibby actually forgot it was the 4th of July too and we went and bought Mexico futbol jerseys, since they are out they were selling way cheap after they lost.  sorry I don’t think I’ll get pictures this week I gotta get my camera fixed but have a good week and love you guys!

Elder Andrew Sawyer

Questions answered:
2- what is your favorite thing to do on Pday?
2. go and eat the matahambre at a restaurant by our house

3- Do you know your comps first name and is it hard to not call him by it?
3.ya, but it’s not hard

4- do you and Gibby speak English and Spanish to each other?
4. english, we’re gringos

5-Who do you think will win the World Cup?
5. Argentina

6- Do you write in your journal? a lot?
6. ya 

7- Do you ever eat cold cereal with Milk?
7. cold cereal?

8- do they have monkeys in Mexico?
8. ya but not a ton

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