Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014- Puerto Escondido

Getting the workouts going again.

That dogs name is Tarzan. Him and Maggie would get along real well. I don’t know what he was doing but it was funny.

Hi everybody! Well, it’s crazy that it’s already Monday again haha it’s crazy how fast the weeks go. To be 100 percent honest this was a pretty uneventful week with a couple of divisions with other elderes and just running around Puerto trying to find investigatores. The good news is that it is now papaya season so that makes me happy. There’s also been a lot more foreigners walking around here too(a lot of Germans) cause I guess there’s a ton of surf competitions coming up. It’s really cool to go up on the bridge and look at all the surfers. I’m thinking about buying squid from Chedraui today but I’m not exactly sure how to cook it(but it’s surprisingly really cheap. we also ate mole just about every week with the hermanas cause they found out it’s my birthday. we actually have another mole appointment today in a minute. the members here are awesome,  are investigtaores are progressing good we are hoping to baptize about 5 in the next month. also as a zone we are starting to baptize every week which is good cause Puerto Escondido’s been slacking for a long time. but ya everything’s good. I think my comp might’ve took pics this week, I’ll see what he’s got and try to get them to you guys! With my birthday money I bought matahambres and toothpaste.

Have a good week! Elder Sawyer

Carson- enjoy the MTC, it’s an awesome 6 weeks, enjoy the food too and showers and beds and talks on Sunday nights and pray for your visa haha. The biggest thing is don’t stress out and enjoy every minute of it and have Ryan show you how to send pics from the camera! Good luck dude, have a good first week!

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