Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014- Puerto Escondido

hola everybody. I still don’t believe that LeBron’s going back to Cleveland. This week was an awesome week. Yesterday we had 5 investigatores come to church that are way solid, so that was definitely the highlight of this week. One of them is Danny, who is from Montana, who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. I think the only thing now that is harder than teaching in Spanish is teaching in English. haha we’ve struggled through a couple lessons with him in English but its definitely the spirit that keeps coming him back. He’s progressing a ton. It’s actually really weird his whole situation and that he lives here alone, but its whatever. Also Alma and her daughter Karen came to church this week. They called us late last week and had us come over to their hotel (they work and live in this hotel) to tell us that they were quitting to have more time as a family and to be able to come to church more. Celso, the dad, is also planning on quitting this week and find a new job. They came to all 3 hours of the church and are planning on getting baptized here in a couple of weeks. Has our house ever been dedicated? I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys but we do a lot of dedicating houses and casting out demons here and that kind of stuff. The weird/creepy thing that people believe in here is the death saint. It’s really weird. Oaxaca in general is weird. But ya so yesterday I got to talk in church haha I talked for 25 minutes and didn’t even realize it. I think that’s how I measure my Spanish more than anything, by how long and understandable my talks are. Well the good news of the week is we are going to a big zone leader meeting this week. The bad news is that it in Oaxaca. There aren’t vans, just buses to take. We can’t go the short 4 hour way, it’s really dangerous that way also. It also costs less so 24 more hours on a bus..... So ya that’s gonna eat up 3 of our days this week but whatever it’ll be good. Have a good week!
Love you guys! Elder Sawyer

Carson- the biggest thing you can do before the mission is read the book of Mormon and also make sure you’re coming out for the right reasons. diligence and obedience are the keys out here.


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