Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014- Puerto Escondido

Getting the workouts going again.

That dogs name is Tarzan. Him and Maggie would get along real well. I don’t know what he was doing but it was funny.

Hi everybody! Well, it’s crazy that it’s already Monday again haha it’s crazy how fast the weeks go. To be 100 percent honest this was a pretty uneventful week with a couple of divisions with other elderes and just running around Puerto trying to find investigatores. The good news is that it is now papaya season so that makes me happy. There’s also been a lot more foreigners walking around here too(a lot of Germans) cause I guess there’s a ton of surf competitions coming up. It’s really cool to go up on the bridge and look at all the surfers. I’m thinking about buying squid from Chedraui today but I’m not exactly sure how to cook it(but it’s surprisingly really cheap. we also ate mole just about every week with the hermanas cause they found out it’s my birthday. we actually have another mole appointment today in a minute. the members here are awesome,  are investigtaores are progressing good we are hoping to baptize about 5 in the next month. also as a zone we are starting to baptize every week which is good cause Puerto Escondido’s been slacking for a long time. but ya everything’s good. I think my comp might’ve took pics this week, I’ll see what he’s got and try to get them to you guys! With my birthday money I bought matahambres and toothpaste.

Have a good week! Elder Sawyer

Carson- enjoy the MTC, it’s an awesome 6 weeks, enjoy the food too and showers and beds and talks on Sunday nights and pray for your visa haha. The biggest thing is don’t stress out and enjoy every minute of it and have Ryan show you how to send pics from the camera! Good luck dude, have a good first week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014- Puerto Escondido

So, most of my week was spent sitting on a bus, which I’m now very sick of. but ya, I got a 12 hour bus ride  for my birthday. The highlights were seeing Monsters University and Ironman 3 which were both way good, even in Spanish on a bus. We also had the zone leader conference this weekend- it was really interesting. We talked about pretty much every rule in the mision and about what needed to change and what needed to stay the same. It is really different now, the mission. but that was fun getting to see a lot of my buddies again and I actually got to stay in el Bosque and I got to go to see Armandina and Soledad for my birthday so that was really cool. Me and elder Allred also went and ate matahambres for my birthday and we also had a birthday party in the district meetings. I won’t write a ton so I can get you guys pictures, my camera looks like it might be dead, I think I’m gonna need to buy a new one, but ya I’ll take care of that later. Love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer

Abby- I hope the tooth fairy comes (and not the chupacabra)
Carson—mission shoes,  the uglier, the longer they last. I think that’s like an eternal law or something.

matahambre (means the "hunger killer") for my birthday dinner

celebrating my birthday with ice cream at 4:43 in the morning before getting on the bus all day, (yes we were sick)
we had picked up our clothes from the lavanderia- 12 pesos a kilo, that's what is in the clear bags

ya... 2 years in a row. that’s what happens when you have hermanas in your district

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014- Puerto Escondido

hola everybody. I still don’t believe that LeBron’s going back to Cleveland. This week was an awesome week. Yesterday we had 5 investigatores come to church that are way solid, so that was definitely the highlight of this week. One of them is Danny, who is from Montana, who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. I think the only thing now that is harder than teaching in Spanish is teaching in English. haha we’ve struggled through a couple lessons with him in English but its definitely the spirit that keeps coming him back. He’s progressing a ton. It’s actually really weird his whole situation and that he lives here alone, but its whatever. Also Alma and her daughter Karen came to church this week. They called us late last week and had us come over to their hotel (they work and live in this hotel) to tell us that they were quitting to have more time as a family and to be able to come to church more. Celso, the dad, is also planning on quitting this week and find a new job. They came to all 3 hours of the church and are planning on getting baptized here in a couple of weeks. Has our house ever been dedicated? I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys but we do a lot of dedicating houses and casting out demons here and that kind of stuff. The weird/creepy thing that people believe in here is the death saint. It’s really weird. Oaxaca in general is weird. But ya so yesterday I got to talk in church haha I talked for 25 minutes and didn’t even realize it. I think that’s how I measure my Spanish more than anything, by how long and understandable my talks are. Well the good news of the week is we are going to a big zone leader meeting this week. The bad news is that it in Oaxaca. There aren’t vans, just buses to take. We can’t go the short 4 hour way, it’s really dangerous that way also. It also costs less so 24 more hours on a bus..... So ya that’s gonna eat up 3 of our days this week but whatever it’ll be good. Have a good week!
Love you guys! Elder Sawyer

Carson- the biggest thing you can do before the mission is read the book of Mormon and also make sure you’re coming out for the right reasons. diligence and obedience are the keys out here.


Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Allred

I asked an Hermana to cook it, she said it has to grow bigger.

an iguana

hi everybody! So today we have cambios again. They just keep going faster and faster. I’m staying here in Puerto but Gibby’s headed out. Actually he got sent to Amapolas and which is pretty cool. Today Diestra called me to say goodbye and then passed the phone around to Armandina, Soledad and a couple other people so that was pretty cool. My new comp is elder Allred, he’s just getting moved up so I’m gonna be training him this change as zl. Last week we also had our first zone conference with the Madsen’s. Holy cow it’s gonna be way different. Really different. We talked a lot how we need to be happy and not worry and try our best, it kinda felt like EFY  haha. So that’s our goal this week to be misioneros gozosos. I think we are gonna have a leadership conference this week (which means 12 hours back and forth from the city again) so we’ll get to meet him a lot better then. Being in Puerto is kind of like being on an island, so we kinda get information and news last. but everything’s going good here. Me and Gibby actually forgot it was the 4th of July too and we went and bought Mexico futbol jerseys, since they are out they were selling way cheap after they lost.  sorry I don’t think I’ll get pictures this week I gotta get my camera fixed but have a good week and love you guys!

Elder Andrew Sawyer

Questions answered:
2- what is your favorite thing to do on Pday?
2. go and eat the matahambre at a restaurant by our house

3- Do you know your comps first name and is it hard to not call him by it?
3.ya, but it’s not hard

4- do you and Gibby speak English and Spanish to each other?
4. english, we’re gringos

5-Who do you think will win the World Cup?
5. Argentina

6- Do you write in your journal? a lot?
6. ya 

7- Do you ever eat cold cereal with Milk?
7. cold cereal?

8- do they have monkeys in Mexico?
8. ya but not a ton