Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Gibby

we made cookies for the zone after the awesome week we had

so we had another great week this week, we’re starting to have a ton of success in the zone... except for yesterday when we had a whopping 20 people go to church. If me and Gibby wouldn’t have gone they probably wouldn’t have had enough priesthood to do the sacrament. It was pretty crazy, we knew it was gonna be bad, but we didn’t think that it was gonna be that bad. the worst part was when someone got up to give their talk and just starting ripping everyone that didn’t go to church and how like Noah and the ark they’ll all be destroyed. Anything goes in Mexico in the church. also in church the hermanas brought this guy from Montana that doesn’t speak anything in Spanish (I have no clue how they found him, let alone got him to church) but so I translated all of sacrament meeting for him (I might have changed some things during that one talk haha) but that was kinda cool, just to see how far my Spanish has come  in a year. I ate some burritos this week and got a little sick. also more giant ants. This week we meet a clown, he doesn’t like white people.
ya we have a new president but nothings really changed, I haven’t even talked to him yet. But this Friday we do have a multi zone conference so that’s gonna be cool. it’s also gonna be interesting with cambios this week cause pres is only gonna have like 10 days here. but besides that it’s really hot, soccer’s really crazy and everything’s good.
Have a good week! love you guys
Elder Sawyer

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