Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Gibby

Well after a 12 hour bus ride I finally made it in Puerto. That was the longest day of my life. President called me that night to talk a little bit about the zone and I told him I’m gonna have to stay here for the next 11 months cause there’s no way he’s getting me on that bus again. He just laughed and told me I’ll have to come back next week to the city to get my visa cause someone messed up in the offices cause I should have got it before I left. Great... but Puerto Escondido is AWESOME! It’s not a huge tourists and resort place like Huatulco, it’s more just like a beach and surf and party town. My area actually includes part of the beach and my comp says that there’s hermanas that sometimes give us lunch there. It’s so green here with just a bunch of palm trees and fruit trees everywhere it’s awesome. It’s great cause it’s not like a huge city but it’s not a pueblo either. Also the memberes here are so cool haha, they’re just so like layed back and chill. it’s such a surfer town haha. The house here is also awesome, from outside our house we have a view of the beach. We are also the only house outside of the city that has hot water. but it’s not like we need it. IT GETS SO HOT HERE. it’s not really the heat, it’s more of the humidity that kills. I’m just always sweating even at night. I’m sure I’ve lost at least five pounds of just sweat in the time I’ve been here, but it’s good I like it. The good things is it rains almost every night and it sort of cools it down a little. Here in Puerto, it’s a rama of about 120 memberes. the big change for me is that we share it with four other missionaries, actually sisters. So the areas divided in three. We are Puerto 2. The other thing is the zone is a lot smaller, actually the smallest in the mission with only 14 missionaries. The work here has been pretty down, with not a whole ton of baptisms, but there is a lot of potential. The funny thing is we also have a bunch of members that don’t speak Spanish but live here and go to church. There’s actually one from Arkansas(where Gibby’s from) that has the thickest southern accent, it’s awesome haha. We definitely do a lot more English speaking here. but ya I’m definitely loving it here, and ready to have a full week. This week  we spent a lot of time looking for houses and buying fridges this week, luckily after leaving Amapolas I’m a pro haha. but you guys have a good week and enjoy your summer!

Elder Sawyer

PS  mom- you need to find good mango recipes, the memberes here always give us mangoes. also we need a cookie recipe! We have an oven in the chapel! The thing  here, butter is super expensive. I don’t know if you can maybe substitute mangoes for butter.....? or mayo- Mexico’s like the mayonnaise capital of the world.

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