Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014- Puerto Escondido

Well it’s good to finally be back in Puerto! Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the city (or on a bus) and then all day Friday I was in Huatulco for our last conference with the Leyva’s. It’ll probably be the last time I see them unless for some reason I need to go back to the city. It was a really sad conference, with hna Leyva pretty much just crying the whole time and showing lots of pictures and movies. I’m really gonna miss them a ton, but it’s also gonna be good to see how much the mission changes with a new president. It’s also gonna be really really interesting here for the next month with the world cup going on. everything just literally shuts down during games. This week Brasil plays México which is gonna be insane. We stay pretty up to date with what’s going on because it’s the only thing people talk about. street contacts are definitely up though with half of Puerto wanting to talk trash to the two gringos in ties haha. It should be pretty fun since the US is playing today also. The highlight of the week was eating on the beach, I’ll send pictures in a minute but that was pretty sweet! We found a couple of really awesome investigatores this week and are excited to have a full week to work in our area. This week I also got permission to make a new zone plan and pretty much change everything here. We are pretty much in rebuilding mode right now and as a zone we’re just gonna start from scratch pretty much. The good thing is that there is a ton of potencial here in the zone, we just gotta take advantage of it. but ya, I love you guys and I’ll send pics in a minute.
Elder Sawyer

PS Mom- an idea for the boys messy rooms- here in México all the rooms are made out of cinder block, when houses get really bad they just light them on fire and start over again

"where we ate lunch"

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