Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014- in Puerto Escondido with Elder Gibby

we made cookies for the zone after the awesome week we had

so we had another great week this week, we’re starting to have a ton of success in the zone... except for yesterday when we had a whopping 20 people go to church. If me and Gibby wouldn’t have gone they probably wouldn’t have had enough priesthood to do the sacrament. It was pretty crazy, we knew it was gonna be bad, but we didn’t think that it was gonna be that bad. the worst part was when someone got up to give their talk and just starting ripping everyone that didn’t go to church and how like Noah and the ark they’ll all be destroyed. Anything goes in Mexico in the church. also in church the hermanas brought this guy from Montana that doesn’t speak anything in Spanish (I have no clue how they found him, let alone got him to church) but so I translated all of sacrament meeting for him (I might have changed some things during that one talk haha) but that was kinda cool, just to see how far my Spanish has come  in a year. I ate some burritos this week and got a little sick. also more giant ants. This week we meet a clown, he doesn’t like white people.
ya we have a new president but nothings really changed, I haven’t even talked to him yet. But this Friday we do have a multi zone conference so that’s gonna be cool. it’s also gonna be interesting with cambios this week cause pres is only gonna have like 10 days here. but besides that it’s really hot, soccer’s really crazy and everything’s good.
Have a good week! love you guys
Elder Sawyer

Thursday, June 26, 2014

from the Facebook page- Misión México~Oaxaca Tierra de Milagros-
Hermana Leyva posted a video and this translation.
"With love and gratitude to our beloved assistants and secretaries, as well the rest of missionaries whom we love so much! We share with you this fun and fantastic farewell video that they discreetly made us. We never found out that they were making it! This video has brought us equally tears and smiles but overall a feeling of love towards our lovely missionaries. The most wonderful missionaries in the world!. :)"
you can go to the Facebook page to see the entire farewell video, these are screen shots of Elder Sawyer's part of the video.

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014- Puerto Escondido

This week we had an awesome week, probably one of the best weeks I’ve had in the mission. As a zone we just had a ridiculously successful week also and what makes it even better, is that everyone in the zone is getting better and the zone is taking some huge steps to turn around. I don’t know how to really explain it cause it’s all just a bunch of numbers but everything is going awesome right now. It’s fun being here with the world cup cause it’s all everyone talks about. haha we are always up to date on what’s happening cause that’s what everyone talks about every time we go into a house. haha and the members do help us a ton(they like to text us when the US is playing haha). When Brasil played Mexico this week everything here just shut down. There was no one in the streets, but we could walk down the street and hear the game wherever we went. Yesterday we also had to get a rat out of the church, which was pretty interesting. We were there for like 15 minutes with brooms trying to get it out and then an hermana just came up and grabbed it and took it outside and threw it over the church gate. haha it was pretty funny. it’s also really humid here, I’m losing a lot of weight again, but it’s alright cause the memberes feed us way good. but ya that’s about it for this week, have a good week and love you guys!
Elder Sawyer

doing some service with angel, we went and painted a families house  

one of our districts-(hna payan from Chihuahua)- made us all burritos for the district meeting

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014- Puerto Escondido

Well it’s good to finally be back in Puerto! Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the city (or on a bus) and then all day Friday I was in Huatulco for our last conference with the Leyva’s. It’ll probably be the last time I see them unless for some reason I need to go back to the city. It was a really sad conference, with hna Leyva pretty much just crying the whole time and showing lots of pictures and movies. I’m really gonna miss them a ton, but it’s also gonna be good to see how much the mission changes with a new president. It’s also gonna be really really interesting here for the next month with the world cup going on. everything just literally shuts down during games. This week Brasil plays México which is gonna be insane. We stay pretty up to date with what’s going on because it’s the only thing people talk about. street contacts are definitely up though with half of Puerto wanting to talk trash to the two gringos in ties haha. It should be pretty fun since the US is playing today also. The highlight of the week was eating on the beach, I’ll send pictures in a minute but that was pretty sweet! We found a couple of really awesome investigatores this week and are excited to have a full week to work in our area. This week I also got permission to make a new zone plan and pretty much change everything here. We are pretty much in rebuilding mode right now and as a zone we’re just gonna start from scratch pretty much. The good thing is that there is a ton of potencial here in the zone, we just gotta take advantage of it. but ya, I love you guys and I’ll send pics in a minute.
Elder Sawyer

PS Mom- an idea for the boys messy rooms- here in México all the rooms are made out of cinder block, when houses get really bad they just light them on fire and start over again

"where we ate lunch"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014- Puerto Escondido

“Elder Gibby wanted to be a pioneer hero”

“the kind of things we find in our house...”

“we eat a ton of mangoes here. they are just everywhere”

“what we eat a lot here. they’re called chicatanas. they’re just big ants.
they don’t taste so good raw , but with chile and limon they’re not bad.
there’s a member that’s gonna make us rabbit a
nd I’m trying to find turtle and crocodile to eat.”

“when you guys see rain in the forecast here, this is what we see”

“The main beach in Puerto Escondido.  This is from on top of a bridge.”
Hey sorry that I didn’t write yesterday. Remember how I was telling you guys that I had to go to Oaxaca to get my visa renewed? Well that’s what I spent my p-day doing.  12 more hours on the bus.... so today I did all my visa stuff, and then  I’m gonna work a little with the assistants and then tomorrow morning I get to do the 12 hour trip all over again.  It’s good though to be in the city where it’s a little cooler and to get out of the rain for a little bit. It stinks this week cause I’m not gonna work in my area till Thursday and then Friday we have a big multi-zone conference in Huatulco (more bus rides) and there’s not gonna be a whole ton of work done that day. But it will all work out. I don’t have a ton of time this week, but I’m gonna try to get you some pictures right now. And I can’t take a picture with my phone- haha do you remember that first cell fone you got. ya i have the same model.
Love you guys have a good week!
Elder Sawyer

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014- Puerto Escondido with Elder Gibby

Well after a 12 hour bus ride I finally made it in Puerto. That was the longest day of my life. President called me that night to talk a little bit about the zone and I told him I’m gonna have to stay here for the next 11 months cause there’s no way he’s getting me on that bus again. He just laughed and told me I’ll have to come back next week to the city to get my visa cause someone messed up in the offices cause I should have got it before I left. Great... but Puerto Escondido is AWESOME! It’s not a huge tourists and resort place like Huatulco, it’s more just like a beach and surf and party town. My area actually includes part of the beach and my comp says that there’s hermanas that sometimes give us lunch there. It’s so green here with just a bunch of palm trees and fruit trees everywhere it’s awesome. It’s great cause it’s not like a huge city but it’s not a pueblo either. Also the memberes here are so cool haha, they’re just so like layed back and chill. it’s such a surfer town haha. The house here is also awesome, from outside our house we have a view of the beach. We are also the only house outside of the city that has hot water. but it’s not like we need it. IT GETS SO HOT HERE. it’s not really the heat, it’s more of the humidity that kills. I’m just always sweating even at night. I’m sure I’ve lost at least five pounds of just sweat in the time I’ve been here, but it’s good I like it. The good things is it rains almost every night and it sort of cools it down a little. Here in Puerto, it’s a rama of about 120 memberes. the big change for me is that we share it with four other missionaries, actually sisters. So the areas divided in three. We are Puerto 2. The other thing is the zone is a lot smaller, actually the smallest in the mission with only 14 missionaries. The work here has been pretty down, with not a whole ton of baptisms, but there is a lot of potential. The funny thing is we also have a bunch of members that don’t speak Spanish but live here and go to church. There’s actually one from Arkansas(where Gibby’s from) that has the thickest southern accent, it’s awesome haha. We definitely do a lot more English speaking here. but ya I’m definitely loving it here, and ready to have a full week. This week  we spent a lot of time looking for houses and buying fridges this week, luckily after leaving Amapolas I’m a pro haha. but you guys have a good week and enjoy your summer!

Elder Sawyer

PS  mom- you need to find good mango recipes, the memberes here always give us mangoes. also we need a cookie recipe! We have an oven in the chapel! The thing  here, butter is super expensive. I don’t know if you can maybe substitute mangoes for butter.....? or mayo- Mexico’s like the mayonnaise capital of the world.