Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014- Oaxaca, Mexico

"Andres and Maria de Lourdes. we reactivated them
and helped Andres get his mission papers in last week"

“the Catholic church in Huaypun, it’s known as the monster.
you can only see about half of it in the pic”

Well we just got our changes last night. The assistant told me that it looks like I’m finally being blessed for being in Morro and Amapolas so long. Tomorrow morning I’m headed off to Puerto Escondido!(google image it) so I’m gonna be spending my summer break on the beach jaja. I leave tomorrow morning at 9.  Usually everyone gets moved today but I gotta stay to help with the changes. I’m super excited to cause my companions Elder Gibby from Arkansas. I’ve known him pretty much my whole mission and I’m pumped to work with him cause he works hard and is really outgoing. What I’m not excited for is the travel. I don’t just go straight to Puerto, first I got to go to Salina Cruz then pass thru Hautulco and then get to Puerto. and remember the transportation I’m taking. It’s about 12 hours mas o menos. It is not gonna be fun... but it’ll be worth it! I’m also headed back out to the oven, I have no idea how hot it gets there, but I’m pretty sure that this time next week I’m gonna be really red. I’m gonna be back on the coast for typhoid season. -  don’t worry about sending me anything, it’s impossible to prevent. Any gringo on the coast or itsmo is gonna get something in the next couple months! Oh and I just thought of hurricane season on the coast too.
I’m still gonna be zone leader- still haven’t done anything dumb enough to get lowered.  I’m excited to be LZ in a small zone, it’ll be kinda like being DL but without having to give district meetings’
This will be Elder Gibby’s 3rd change in Puerto. It’s technically a special change. Pres. told me to make sure the members have a good perspective of the missionaries. whatever that means. the phrase I was thinking of- in a good light.  I’m excited, I thinks it’s gonna be a lot different than what I’m used to here. More Americanized and stuff.  I know out on the coast area all it is ramas and districts. I think Puerto’s like a rama of 120 or something. it’s a big time tourist town. it’s the smallest zone I think of like 12 missionaries. They send a lot of hermanas out there cause it’s a safer area(and also cause a lot of elderes have gotten into a lot of trouble out there). Puerto Escondido and Huatalco are the 2 well known cities here (google Hautulco, it’s known for its resorts) those are supposed to be like the 2 coolest places in the mission.
But ya I’ll let you guys know how it goes next week! I gotta get going talk to you guys next week.
Love you guys, enjoy break! (tell kyle to run)
Elder Sawyer

Family Villanueva
"saying goodbye to the Amador family(and Armandina)"

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014- Oaxaca, Mexico

Elder Sawyer, Soledad, Elder Diestra


HI everyone, sounds like everyone’s doing good getting ready for summer! the big news here this week here in el Bosque is that Soledad got baptized this last Saturday! It was really awesome. and I could totally see her going on a mission in a year. she’s always just so happy and smiling, whatever happens she’s gonna be a great member. This week we also had our last interviews with president Leyva. It’s kinda crazy to think that in about a month he’s not gonna be here. it’s gonna be really different and its gonna be a tough adjustment but it’s all gonna work out good. this week he’s also doing his last changes, this change has gone by so fast, just the mission is starting to go by so fast in general –it’s crazy. It’s funny to think how slow those first couple changes felt in comparison to how fast its going now. It just makes it that more important to get the most out of everyday and leave it all on the field. tomorrow we have a zone conference and president called us yesterday and told us we better be prepared cause his invited a lot of people to come and listen(Hno Villanueva told us he got invited yesterday too). so ya, were nervous and excited for that. besides that it should be a normal week. We have a couple houses we have to go find and some areas to split for the next change (the hermanas just keep on coming) so hopefully we will be able to finish the change with a strong week six. but ya besides that I’m just really tired, we got to play basketball this morning and I’m just way out of shape haha, too many tacos. Have a good week guys , enjoy your last week of school(and the heat) love you

Elder Sawyer

“baptism celebration (I don’t know why we bought it, Mexican pizza is nasty)”

“And nope, I’m not wearing the sweatshirt cuz I’m cold, just the ice shower every morning”

“chiles from an investigator‏”

“here’s the graveyard we always walk thru‏”

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014- Oaxaca, Mexico- Mother's Day

"drinking pineapple juice"

"me and Elder Pitchford with our Mother's day video props"

a screen shot of the Mother's Day video Hermana Leyva made. I didn't recognize Andrew (on the far left)
you can look at the whole video on YouTube

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7 2014- Oaxaca Mexico

At this time, our dear leaders of area and leading sisters in the city of Oaxaca are assembled!
 - from the Oaxaca Mexico Mission Facebook page

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014- Oaxaca, Mexico

Hey como están! Yes so this week we get to skype! It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that we were talking on Christmas! It’s really starting to go by really fast! Yesterday on the biography of our new misión president and his wife were put out. It’s weird to think that in less than two months president Leyva’s not gonna be here. It’s gonna be a really weird change. just having a gringo as a president is gonna be a monster change. but ya, so this week I was outside of my área pretty much the whole week with three divisions with district leaders and then a day with one of the assistents. that’s the thing that I really like and really don’t like about being lz (zone leader). I get to go work with a bunch of different people and get to know a ton of áreas and people in the misión, but I don’t get to work a whole ton in my own área, which can be really frustrating sometimes. but it’s all good. Next Saturday we are planning on having another baptism. Her name is Soledad and she’s like a 20 something year old girl that works for Armandina. She Heard a lot of what we were teaching to Hna Armandina and got really interested. she’s already read like halfway through the book of Mormon (which is like a miracle in Oaxaca) and she’s always at church like 15 minutes early(another miracle) ya but she’s awesome and she’s gonna be a great member. I could also see her as a missionary in a year from now too. that’d be cool. I also remembered that todays 5 de mayo. No one has said anything here about it, I think it’s more of an American holiday than anything. Carson’s definitely working today huh? It’s funny cause here in Mexico they have like 6 different Independence days, because they’ve been conquered and stuff so much. but anything that gives them a reason to drink. so this week we have another leadership conference(it seems like we just had one). but those are always good. love you guys have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

I’ll be skyping Sunday afternoon/night ish. I don’t know where I’ll do it from but I’ll probably try to test it out during the week so if you get a call on the ipad during the week answer it! (I can also call Saturday (May 10 is when Mexico celebrats dia de mama)  if that would work better too? let me know.