Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014- Oaxaca

Andrew wrote, "Hna Leyva almost had a heart attack"
"we played soccer on a turf field, but it was Mexican turf. not the stuff we have back home"
Hermana Leyva wrote, "Our elder Sawyer and his war wounds. We asked several times if his mom wasn't going to scare to see this photo, and told me that after so many years of playing and that everything has happened his mom only going to laugh! (I hope that's true, my dear sister Sawyer!)  He was happy!"

"we got to play soccer. this is my buddy elder pitchford"
So conference was awesome! haha it’s just so much better when you’re on the mission. it’s also good to hear people speak in English and listen to the motab sing (singing isn’t a strong point for Mexicans). Also that priesthood session was just awesome. I liked the talk by elder hallstrom about the story of the guy who said "that’s just the way I am"(or that’s just the way it is). We can always change in life and we can always make our circumstances better. I also liked president uchtdorfs talk about sleeping thru the resurrection. I can’t wait until that comes out in the liahona, I’m definitely gonna use that to get some of these members here going. and the talk by bishop stevenson about taking advantage of your four minutes was great, probably my favorite (and good to catch up on a little Olympic news haha) but ya it was a good conference, it’s a good recharge of the batteries and it’s fun to get to hang out with the other missionaries. We ordered dominoes pizza and found a and w rootbeer (it cost a small fortune haha). We also got to go to the temple this week again and that was just the icing on the cake. The bad news is that A……… and A…….. didn’t get baptized...again. They’re just so close but last minute something always seems to just tank. So hopefully this Saturday is the day that it finally happens. This Sunday there is also changes so we’ll see what happens with that. This weeks is filled with a ton of activities and meetings and stuff so I think it’s gonna fly. Well I’m way tired, we just got done playing some indoor soccer today. I’m sure hna Leyva will put pics on facebook like always. hope you guys have a good week, take care
Elder Sawyer

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