Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014- Oaxaca

"I'm gonna bring one of these home for your door, mom"

Happy Late Easter Everybody! sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Easter in Mexico is definitely a lot different, no chocolate bunnies! There are some pretty bad (and apostate) things that happened. We woke up Monday and we heard a lot of people like chanting outside in our street. So we ran up on the roof to see what was going on. There were about a hundred people dressed as Roman soldiers and like a thousand more people behind them watching Jesus drag the cross down our street. later that day, we watched a big group of people walk around with a big virgin Maria statue, set it in the middle of big intersection and start like bowing in the middle of the road and stopping traffic and stuff. Friday was really just a weird day. Everyone’s in the streets (and on vacation) to celebrate the crucification. and then Sunday, to celebrate the resurrection, everyone just gets drunk. kinda sad. I thought it was gonna be a good week to do a lot of street contacting, but nope, people just wanted to argue. and then Sunday in church we had like half of the assistence because everybody was on vacations and stuff. so ya, that’s how my Easter was, not what I really expected. Mexico’s kinda weird. Some memberes were telling us how in Ixtalpalapa they actually like whip a guy and nail him to the cross for the day and stuff... pretty not good. Good news of the week is that we put two solid baptismal fechas. The first with an hermana named Soledad. She’s actually gone to church four times now and so she just needs one more (this week) and then she’s gonna get baptized. We also put a date with a guy named Daniel. We’ve been teaching him for a while but he’s just had some weird ideas that he’s been taught here in Mexico, alcoholics anonymous is a religion and it’s pretty different. It’s usually pretty tough to teach them. but ya the next step with Daniel is getting him to church. We are also helping hna Armandina get ready so she can go through the temple and get baptized for her family. she’s really intrigued by all the family history work and stuff we do as a church. This week was also an earthquake, but we didn’t feel it or anyone in our zone. I guess it was a little stronger up north a little farther. The good news is it finally rained for the first time in like 6 months. It looks like the rainy season (and hurricane) season is getting started a little early and that’s fine with me cause it’s getting pretty hot here too. This week Elder de Hoyos is coming to speak to the mission(he gave the last prayer in general conference). so that’s gonna be cool. he’s also asked for a special meeting with all the zone leaders and stake presidencies so that’s gonna be pretty cool too. On top of that we also have our zone conference that we gotta start preparing, so it’s gonna be a busy week full of meetings and stuff. I’m excited. but ya that’s about it for this week,
 Carson- a new elder just got here from Buenos Aires( he talks funny) he said ya you are going to eat a lot of meat. and that they don’t eat spicy food there. He told me your mission has a lot of pueblos that are outside of the big city. and that its cold
have a good week . love you guys!
Elder Sawyer

I also forgot that this week i got to see were they filmed the part in Nacho Libre where he climbs the mountain to drink from the Eagle eggs and get his Eagle powers. Me and Elder Pitchford were tempted to try to get up there.
And let’s see I got strep throat and amoxicillin is really expensive... not a whole lot of stuff, we are still trying to find houses for hermnanas


"we are going to go to a baseball game when you come. there's a member in pitchfords ward that does work in the stadium. we are gonna see if he can get us in this week"
"just so you can see what my cameras full of. lots of pictures of sinks and toilets for possible houses to rent in our zone. fun."

"saying goodbye to Elders Neyra and Reyes, two of my best buddies on the mission.
we're at the bus station, and no I didn't eat a Subway, they're like 11 dollars"

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