Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014- Oaxaca

“I’m going to Buenos Aries south Spanish speaking I report July 30 to the provo mtc”- ---Carson
 haha thats awesome! You’re gonna freeze! and your gonna have the goofiest accent too!  that’s such a cool mission! the city is huge. tell carson to start working on the lisp!
Big news of the week is I have 5 new American hermanas coming to my zone. More in my zone than the rest of the misión put together. Right now I’m trying to figure out where they’re gonna all live.
I’m not zone leader anymore,  I’m a relief society president
The hard thing is that 2 are getting trained by 2 sisters that have only been here for 4 months and speak almost nothing of Spanish. I had to talk them both off the ledge last night... it’s gonna be an interesting change
This was at leadership training this week. It was pretty cool. All the lzs and hermana leaders from the whole misión came to Oaxaca to get capacitated. this week has seriously been a lot of running around, looking for houses, splitting áreas, getting ready for changes , baptism, wait, actually I got another baptism story. So this Saturday after the baptism of Hermana Armandina we went to the other side of the city because an old investigator of Elder Diestra asked him to do the baptism. Long story short this guy was a quadriplegic that was told he was never gonna walk again. After meeting the missionaries and learning about the góspel he got really excited and decided he was gonna walk. Today he can walk with a cane, but at the baptism no one knew what to do, cause we had to be super careful with his back. after 30 minutes of them standing in the wáter trying to figure out what to do we decided two people were gonna have to lower and lift him. So I changed back into my soggy white clothes and me and Diestra baptized him. It was pretty cool.
right now there’s a bloqueo (I don’t know what it is in English, like a protest thing where everyone just stands in the streets and cars can’t pass. they happen all the time here)  in Tehuantepec and some of the elderes are gonna get  here late but don’t have a place to stay and I gotta figure that out too
gotta go to ado to get some elders right now. I’ll right better next week.
 love you
Elder Sawyer
"well here's the big news of the week, Hermana Armandina got baptized!"


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