Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014- Oaxaca

Elders Sawyer & Yamberla

I’m gonna write quick to you guys real quick and I might have more time tomorrow or late tonight. I’m gonna be in ADO (bus station) all day making sure changes go as planned. It’s gonna be a little crazy doing it solo without E Yamberla- he went home today.

"last supper with E Yamberla"
 Hey so finally get a minute to write. I’m still in el Bosque but now I’m lider de zona  1 and I’m training a new LD (zone leader). his names elder Diestra and he’s from Lima, Peru. He’s awesome, I can already tell that we are gonna get along awesome and do some work here in Amapolas. The coolest part is that I was the one who replaced him in Morro after he was there for 5 months so it’s fun to talk with him about that special place. We have 12 sisters in our district, I have two gringas in my zone but none of them are new, I don’t think they go to the itsmo (juchitan mexico, juchitan las flores and salina cruz), prez keeps them close in the city where it’s a little safer.
But ya I don’t have a ton of time but the biggest news this week is Ad…….and Ar………., the investigators that pretty much went to the church on her own last week, that we found with the Priests during their activity .I remember in Matias that everyone told me that I would never find as good investigators as Alberto and Gilberto, but I think I’ve found some! They are so great and learn so quick and just have so many questions it’s awesome. one cool experience last night we had was that Ad…….. told us she was looking up our church on the internet(always great to hear that  from our investigators) and found a lot of anti mormon stuff. but she told us that it just made here feel even more certain that the church is true haha it was awesome. They got fechas for the 29 of Marzo. but ya it’s crazy to think that we found these two awesome people because I messed up on a house number and knocked on the wrong door. The Lord is always preparing people and they are all around us. We just gotta open up our mouths and share the things we know. I like D&C  123:12. It always keeps me going and talking to everyone.
I got my release date, my last day as a working missionary will be march 16 2015. pretty crazy huh?The church is true, love ya guys have a good week
Elder Sawyer

"the sunsets here are awesome, it looks like the Second Coming every night"

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