Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014- Oaxaca

"did divisions with an elder in my zone, they live behind the soccer stadium. we climbed on the roof and watched a little"
So ya this week a lot of stuff happened. I was on divisions a ton this week and so I wasn’t in my area a whole ton. It’s nice to get to know different places and meet a lot of people. We also spent a lot of time in the offices this week cause two of our missionaries wanted (and eventually decided) to go home and we had a couple elderes do some dumb things. A…… and A………. are progressing a ton and have their baptismal date for this Saturday. A……. is definitely gonna get baptized, I’m a little nervous for A………., I think she wants to see A……. do it first before taking her turn. Also an investigator named J…… finally got to church this week. We’ve been teaching her forever and were about to drop her but she showed up with her family this week! Y……….. and F……… weren’t able to come, F……… got really sick. We are going to their house later today to see how he’s doing. Our area struggled a little this week because we weren’t really able to put the time in that we wanted but were hoping to have an amazing week this week. Sorry I don’t have a ton write, we had a pretty cool experience this week but I’ll tell you guys when I get home. Remind me about the IEEPO story. I did take some pictures of the house like you wanted so I’ll send those over. Have a good week everybody!  love you guys!
Elder Sawyer
"apartment we live on the 2 floor "


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