Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014- Oaxaca

Elder Diestra and Elder Sawyer

Hi everyone! Well this week was a pretty busy week full lots of meetings and stuff. Thursday we had interviews with president. We were at the church all night trying to get everyone in our zone thru. The good thing was Hermana Leyva was teaching a cooking class so we were able to watch (and eat) while we waited. Friday we had a leadership training meeting with the LZ's and also this time all the LD's, so that ate up a good chunk of time Friday and then Saturday we had a big zone conference with our zone (Amapolas) and Monte Alban. Those are always good to sort of re-energize the batteries and get everyone moving again. the disappointing thing was I got asked to give an hour capacitation there on different teaching skills, so I was up till like 1 in the morning the whole week getting this ready but like what usually happens pres. ended up going way over time and I didn’t get to go. But it’s good cause I’d definitely rather hear him speak for another hour than me. So that was fun.
But ya this week we had some really cool experiences. First off with A.......... and A........., this week  we found out they had some big time coffee problems (like 5 or 6 cups a day). We thought it was gonna be tough to get them to quit but they just straight told us if you guys says it’s bad we will stop. and they stopped. It also helps that they went to Hma.  Leyva’s health class thing, that always helps. But ya they are just golden investigators. The plan is to get them in the font next Saturday, so we are praying everything works out (I’m sure it will).
Also the big miracle of the week was Y...... and F...... getting to church. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys about them but they are investigators that we found my first day here in el Bosque. About 2 months ago F..... was pretty much just waiting to die. we would go to his house and he’d be hooked up to a breathing machine and he would eat through a hole in his stomach and couldn’t talk and pretty much could only just lay in bed. His wife, Y....... is awesome, she just ate everything we told her up without a problem. The thing was, she couldn’t go to church because she had to take care of F...... 24/7. But she always told us that one day both of them would be able to go to the chapel together. me and elder yamberla, didn’t really think this was gonna happen, the doctors had told F...... it was pretty much any week he was gonna die. But Y......... always told us they he would get better and they would go to church, she had --and has so much faith that the lord would help them out. Well, that’s exactly what happened, F........, little by little started getting better. It was really incredible. Last week he was doing so well, the 4 of us put a goal to go to church on 16 of Marzo. We made a poster with the date and hung it on their wall. Yesterday we took a member with a car to go pick them up, they were all dressed up and ready to go. We carried F........... up the hill to the car and they were able to go and stay for the whole sacrament meeting. It was pretty incredible, probably the coolest thing I have seen on my mission. But the even crazier thing is that night awe went and visited them and they told us how that first night we had found them and started talking to them, that they were planning on committing suicide. We had knocked on their door because we were looking for someone else and knocked on their door to ask for directions. Last night we put a baptismal date for the 26 of April. It’s amazing how the lord works. It’s amazing what can happen when we have faith. Hope you guys have a good week, love you all!
Elder Sawyer

"the only pick I took this week. the house rule is whoever sees the cockroach first has to kill it. they can do whatever they
want, they just have to get rid of it. here's elder diestra trying to blow it up with deodorant spray and fire"

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