Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014- Oaxaca

Elders Sawyer & Diestra

Hi everyone! Happy Spring Break! Me and elder Diestra had an awesome first week, things are really starting to pick up in El Bosque. We have a lot of investigators (and a couple big families) which is good cause about 6 weeks ago we had nothing but we are really starting to find these people that are ready. The challenge continues being getting people to come to church. It’s seriously easier to commit someone to a baptismal date than it is to get them to attend church. so ya, that’s the big focus this week is getting all these people to church. The highlight of the week was getting to go to the temple for the first time in almost a year. It was pretty cool to be able to go through with my whole zone and stuff. I  got some pictures I’ll try to send. this week we had a cool experience with a contact, we ran out of water one morning and went to go take our jug to get refilled. We were walking by one of our neighbors and she said hi good morning and so did we and we kept walking. We got like a street away and were just looking  at each other and we were just like dang... we should’ve talked to her... so we decided on the way back that we were gonna talk to her. So we filled up our jug and starting walking back but the water started leaking so we started to run back to our house to save the water and we passed this lady again and she said hi again. So we got to the house and fixed the jug and we decide to go back out and find this lady, but when we went back to her house she wasn’t there. We were gonna leave and then my comp decided to knock on the door to see if she lived there. Long story short, she did and had lived by the missionaries for a long time but they had never talked to her. She invited us in right there, we talked about the proclamation to the family and she put an appointment for us to come back and talk to her family. Pretty cool experience. It’s good being a missionary! But ya this week we have interviews with the president, a meeting with the stake presidents, leadership training and a multi-zone conference so it’s gonna be a busy week! Hope you guys have a good week !
Elder Sawyer
PS I’m eating apples for lunch cause they were half off(apples are really expensive here)

"most of my zone at the temple. we are missing a couple of hermanas here"

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