Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014- Oaxaca

This week was another crazy week here in the mission. I was hardly in my area at all. I went on a lot of divisions, we had to find three houses for a new companionships, had to interview about half our zone because we’ve had some problems. I got to go with president and talk to the high council of our stake, baptismal interviews for other missionarias and a whole bunch of other stuff. So ya that’s pretty much how it went. The bad news is A……… and A……….. didn’t want to get baptized this last week, but the good news is that they want to do it this week . The other good news is that it is general conference this week! The funny story of the week is a white guy started talking to me in English this week, after talking for a minute he asked me how I learned English so good. I told him I was from Arizona and then he asked me why my English was so bad. I don’t really have a first language right now, just 2 second languages. but ya, that was my week. kinda crazy it’s been a year since I went to the mtc. It’s going by way quick. Have a good week, love ya guys, See you all in a year

Elder Sawyer

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014- Oaxaca

"did divisions with an elder in my zone, they live behind the soccer stadium. we climbed on the roof and watched a little"
So ya this week a lot of stuff happened. I was on divisions a ton this week and so I wasn’t in my area a whole ton. It’s nice to get to know different places and meet a lot of people. We also spent a lot of time in the offices this week cause two of our missionaries wanted (and eventually decided) to go home and we had a couple elderes do some dumb things. A…… and A………. are progressing a ton and have their baptismal date for this Saturday. A……. is definitely gonna get baptized, I’m a little nervous for A………., I think she wants to see A……. do it first before taking her turn. Also an investigator named J…… finally got to church this week. We’ve been teaching her forever and were about to drop her but she showed up with her family this week! Y……….. and F……… weren’t able to come, F……… got really sick. We are going to their house later today to see how he’s doing. Our area struggled a little this week because we weren’t really able to put the time in that we wanted but were hoping to have an amazing week this week. Sorry I don’t have a ton write, we had a pretty cool experience this week but I’ll tell you guys when I get home. Remind me about the IEEPO story. I did take some pictures of the house like you wanted so I’ll send those over. Have a good week everybody!  love you guys!
Elder Sawyer
"apartment we live on the 2 floor "


Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23, 2014

Mexico Oaxaca Mission

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca

Dear Sawyer Family:
I write this letter to inform you that your son, Elder Sawyer, has been called to serve as a Zone Leader here in the Mexico Oaxaca Mission. Now he’s the responsibility to teach, take care of, inspire and edify the missionaries in his zone. His service has qualified him for this responsibility.

There are high expectations for your son in this new assignment. A Zone Leader must be an example to his zone in every aspect: for example, the work in his own area, his personal worthiness and his obedience to the Lord. The missionaries in his zone will follow him and I trust that your son will be a great example for them.
Your son is going to teach the missionaries and district leaders in his zone in a monthly manner, he’ll meet up monthly with the Stake President/ District President and sometimes with the Bishops/Branch Presidents, to coordinate the advance of the missionary work in that zone.

He’ll represent the Mission President in many situations and will take decisions that will increase the level of commitment of the missionaries and priesthood leaders that will associate. I’m sure that your son will inspire his son to follow the Lord and to fulfill the high standards that He expects of them as His representatives.
I congratulate you for raising such a responsible young man and I thank you for sending us such an excellent missionary. I only ask that you continue praying for him so that he can fulfill his new assignment in a way that pleases the Lord. Your son has all my support, love and trust, while he continues to progress as a servant of the Lord.


President Enrique Leyva Jiménez
Misión México Oaxaca


Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014- Oaxaca

Elder Diestra and Elder Sawyer

Hi everyone! Well this week was a pretty busy week full lots of meetings and stuff. Thursday we had interviews with president. We were at the church all night trying to get everyone in our zone thru. The good thing was Hermana Leyva was teaching a cooking class so we were able to watch (and eat) while we waited. Friday we had a leadership training meeting with the LZ's and also this time all the LD's, so that ate up a good chunk of time Friday and then Saturday we had a big zone conference with our zone (Amapolas) and Monte Alban. Those are always good to sort of re-energize the batteries and get everyone moving again. the disappointing thing was I got asked to give an hour capacitation there on different teaching skills, so I was up till like 1 in the morning the whole week getting this ready but like what usually happens pres. ended up going way over time and I didn’t get to go. But it’s good cause I’d definitely rather hear him speak for another hour than me. So that was fun.
But ya this week we had some really cool experiences. First off with A.......... and A........., this week  we found out they had some big time coffee problems (like 5 or 6 cups a day). We thought it was gonna be tough to get them to quit but they just straight told us if you guys says it’s bad we will stop. and they stopped. It also helps that they went to Hma.  Leyva’s health class thing, that always helps. But ya they are just golden investigators. The plan is to get them in the font next Saturday, so we are praying everything works out (I’m sure it will).
Also the big miracle of the week was Y...... and F...... getting to church. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys about them but they are investigators that we found my first day here in el Bosque. About 2 months ago F..... was pretty much just waiting to die. we would go to his house and he’d be hooked up to a breathing machine and he would eat through a hole in his stomach and couldn’t talk and pretty much could only just lay in bed. His wife, Y....... is awesome, she just ate everything we told her up without a problem. The thing was, she couldn’t go to church because she had to take care of F...... 24/7. But she always told us that one day both of them would be able to go to the chapel together. me and elder yamberla, didn’t really think this was gonna happen, the doctors had told F...... it was pretty much any week he was gonna die. But Y......... always told us they he would get better and they would go to church, she had --and has so much faith that the lord would help them out. Well, that’s exactly what happened, F........, little by little started getting better. It was really incredible. Last week he was doing so well, the 4 of us put a goal to go to church on 16 of Marzo. We made a poster with the date and hung it on their wall. Yesterday we took a member with a car to go pick them up, they were all dressed up and ready to go. We carried F........... up the hill to the car and they were able to go and stay for the whole sacrament meeting. It was pretty incredible, probably the coolest thing I have seen on my mission. But the even crazier thing is that night awe went and visited them and they told us how that first night we had found them and started talking to them, that they were planning on committing suicide. We had knocked on their door because we were looking for someone else and knocked on their door to ask for directions. Last night we put a baptismal date for the 26 of April. It’s amazing how the lord works. It’s amazing what can happen when we have faith. Hope you guys have a good week, love you all!
Elder Sawyer

"the only pick I took this week. the house rule is whoever sees the cockroach first has to kill it. they can do whatever they
want, they just have to get rid of it. here's elder diestra trying to blow it up with deodorant spray and fire"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15, 2014- Poppy and Monte Alban Zone Conferences

"What is happening at this very moment. Children missionaries are viewing a beautiful and inspiring video based on a speech of President Eyring. Chapel of Montoya. Oaxaca. Monte Alban and Amapolas areas."
*pictures and words from Hma Leyva and Facebook*

"La conferencia que se está llevando a cabo"


Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014- Oaxaca

Elders Sawyer & Diestra

Hi everyone! Happy Spring Break! Me and elder Diestra had an awesome first week, things are really starting to pick up in El Bosque. We have a lot of investigators (and a couple big families) which is good cause about 6 weeks ago we had nothing but we are really starting to find these people that are ready. The challenge continues being getting people to come to church. It’s seriously easier to commit someone to a baptismal date than it is to get them to attend church. so ya, that’s the big focus this week is getting all these people to church. The highlight of the week was getting to go to the temple for the first time in almost a year. It was pretty cool to be able to go through with my whole zone and stuff. I  got some pictures I’ll try to send. this week we had a cool experience with a contact, we ran out of water one morning and went to go take our jug to get refilled. We were walking by one of our neighbors and she said hi good morning and so did we and we kept walking. We got like a street away and were just looking  at each other and we were just like dang... we should’ve talked to her... so we decided on the way back that we were gonna talk to her. So we filled up our jug and starting walking back but the water started leaking so we started to run back to our house to save the water and we passed this lady again and she said hi again. So we got to the house and fixed the jug and we decide to go back out and find this lady, but when we went back to her house she wasn’t there. We were gonna leave and then my comp decided to knock on the door to see if she lived there. Long story short, she did and had lived by the missionaries for a long time but they had never talked to her. She invited us in right there, we talked about the proclamation to the family and she put an appointment for us to come back and talk to her family. Pretty cool experience. It’s good being a missionary! But ya this week we have interviews with the president, a meeting with the stake presidents, leadership training and a multi-zone conference so it’s gonna be a busy week! Hope you guys have a good week !
Elder Sawyer
PS I’m eating apples for lunch cause they were half off(apples are really expensive here)

"most of my zone at the temple. we are missing a couple of hermanas here"

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014- Oaxaca

Elders Sawyer & Yamberla

I’m gonna write quick to you guys real quick and I might have more time tomorrow or late tonight. I’m gonna be in ADO (bus station) all day making sure changes go as planned. It’s gonna be a little crazy doing it solo without E Yamberla- he went home today.

"last supper with E Yamberla"
 Hey so finally get a minute to write. I’m still in el Bosque but now I’m lider de zona  1 and I’m training a new LD (zone leader). his names elder Diestra and he’s from Lima, Peru. He’s awesome, I can already tell that we are gonna get along awesome and do some work here in Amapolas. The coolest part is that I was the one who replaced him in Morro after he was there for 5 months so it’s fun to talk with him about that special place. We have 12 sisters in our district, I have two gringas in my zone but none of them are new, I don’t think they go to the itsmo (juchitan mexico, juchitan las flores and salina cruz), prez keeps them close in the city where it’s a little safer.
But ya I don’t have a ton of time but the biggest news this week is Ad…….and Ar………., the investigators that pretty much went to the church on her own last week, that we found with the Priests during their activity .I remember in Matias that everyone told me that I would never find as good investigators as Alberto and Gilberto, but I think I’ve found some! They are so great and learn so quick and just have so many questions it’s awesome. one cool experience last night we had was that Ad…….. told us she was looking up our church on the internet(always great to hear that  from our investigators) and found a lot of anti mormon stuff. but she told us that it just made here feel even more certain that the church is true haha it was awesome. They got fechas for the 29 of Marzo. but ya it’s crazy to think that we found these two awesome people because I messed up on a house number and knocked on the wrong door. The Lord is always preparing people and they are all around us. We just gotta open up our mouths and share the things we know. I like D&C  123:12. It always keeps me going and talking to everyone.
I got my release date, my last day as a working missionary will be march 16 2015. pretty crazy huh?The church is true, love ya guys have a good week
Elder Sawyer

"the sunsets here are awesome, it looks like the Second Coming every night"