Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014-- Oaxaca

This week was another good week. Things are definitely starting to pick up here in el Bosque. I gotta ton of respect for Elder Yamberla, he’s got two weeks left and he’s working as hard as ever. We started this week with a concilio (dont remember the english word) of leadership. It was way cool to have President Leyva talk to us for almost 7 hours. He’s such an awesome guy. but ya we talked about a lot of different stuff, but the big topic was how in May every companionship should be baptizing every week (so at least 4 a month). we talked a lot about that and how we are gonna accomplish it and what we need to change in the mission in order to reach this goal. This biggest thing we need is just more volume of investigators. We can’t only have 10 to 15 in teaching and expect to baptize every one. So we’re really working on finding a ton of new people (lots of street contacting) and just having the capacity to do it. Our mission has really started to improve, especially with obedience and were really young so I think we got a lot of potential heading into the summer but its gonna take a lot of hard work. Yesterday was another tough week in the chapel with only one investigator showing up, but we really feel that this is the week that things are gonna change. Last night we went to this house where a girl had just died. We talked about the plan of salvacion with her brother and aunt and ended up committing them to baptism. they had a ton of questions and a really interested and even asked if it would be alright to bring a friend to the next lesson (which we didn’t have a problem with haha) but last night we asked them if we could come back another time this week and they were real excited and asked if we could come back tomorrow (tonight) so that’s where were going tonight. oh and their names are Luis and Rosario.  so some of the news we got this week is starting in April we are not allowed to use backpacks. They want us to use a big purse pretty much. I’m not a big fan of this change, but we gotta be obedient. They said that they want us to look more professional and less like mountaineers or hitchhikers, so if you could look at home and see what you find this week. I’m gonna see if I can find something here... well ya hopefully we have some good news about people in the chapel next week. we are really felling that this is the week. love ya guys
Tell Mom that I hope she gets better. Hermana Leyva tells us bananas and rice fix anything, maybe try that haha
Elder Sawyer

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