Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014- Oaxaca & Monte Alban

hey I’m only on to send a report right now, and I’ll be on later tonight. I’m headed to Monte Alban right now! Send more pics of you guys!

Alright well, I just got back from Monte Alban. It’s way cool and super huge! It’s crazy to think people built it without like machines and stuff. A couple in our ward took us to go see it. We’ve been working with them and their brother and sister-in-law to get them to the temple , so it was kind of a thank you present. There’s a ton of tourists there from all over. It was weird to see white people and hear English. A couple actually stopped me and wanted to talk to me cause someone had given them a book of mormon and they were really interested about it. I seriously felt like I had just arrived in Mexico again, but this time it was English i couldn’t speak. I knew it was getting bad, but today i realized how bad. but ya i told them the story about the book, and it really helps to be standing on top of a pyramid that these people built thousands of years ago haha. But ya they live in Canada and are gonna talk to the missionaries (hopefully ones that speak a little more English). This week also i contacted a guy that DOES NOT believe in God. That was my first time in my whole mission that I’ve run into that problem. I’m still a little shocked. but we got an appointment to go see him later this week. Contacting in the street is something we do a lot of now, starting this year. We’ve learned different ways to do it but my favorite is to just ask a random question. We’ll walk up to somebody in the street and say something like- Hey, are you ready for the second coming or hey did you hear about that great apostasy? pretty crazy huh? and then from there we tell them that we’re missionaries and are coming over to their house to teach them. The only time it didn’t work is when we asked a member from another ward. ya, she had heard about the great apostasy. Yesterday we had a family come to the chapel. it’s the family Nunez, it was the mom her three boys (baptism age) and her little daughter. Their dad had to work but will come next week. they loved it and made a lot of friends. the boys are gonna go to mutual this week and then they’re  gonna go to stake conference we have sat/sun. they’re super awesome and got a ton of potential. Getting people to church is about 90 percent of the battle. i didn’t work a ton in my area this week, we had a lot of divisions. I actually went to spend a couple of days with and Elder who wanted to go home. he’s  having a pretty rough time, especially with Spanish, but we had some good lessons and he said he’s gonna stay. We actually found out he was at your highland football game, carson haha. Yesterday i got to eat lunch with a former mission/temple president, the ex MTC Mexico president, stake president and future mission president. It was pretty cool. We talked about scriptures. I felt dumb. Also two days ago our ward mission leader’s daughter died. She was 16 years old and had Down syndrome, we went to the services and it was really sad, but also really cool to see the faith of this family. We are going to their house in like 30 minutes. We are gonna watch the conference talk called domingo llegara. it’s pretty cool you should watch it. i can’t remember what it’s called exactly in English, but if you speak Spanish its better in Spanish. it’s on the mormon youtube channel. ok and one last thing that’s funny. Our stake president is so short he has to stand on the box behind the pulpit that the kids use when they speak hahaha. Have a good week love you guys
ill buy you guys some broncos 2014 champions shirts. they should be down here pretty quickly
Elder Sawyer


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