Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014- Oaxaca

Elder Sawyer and Yamberla at the Poppy Stake missionary training activity

Wow, the time is flying by! It’s already the last week of this change! man, its going by quick. So, some of the highlights this week were first we had our zone conference. Me and E Yamberla gave our four hour lesson/workshop/class thing for four hours to all the missionaries in the zone and all the bishops and misión leaders and the stake presidency(and Pres. Leyva decided to show up). It was kinda like getting ready for and playing a football game. We pretty much spent all week preparing for that and getting everyone pumped up and stuff. It was pretty fun and it all went awesome. Also this week the stake had a huge missionary activity on Saturday. It was like a 12 hour event where they learned to cook and iron clothes and stuff like that. The missionaries, were only invited for three hours in the morning. What we did is everyone (26 missionaries and 125 youth) left to go contact in the street and bring the people to this open door event. It was pretty cool cuz at the church they had like the plan of salvación set up in all these rooms and it was like a tour of where we go and what happens after we die. Actually how the tour starts is every gets on a plan to Hawaii and the plane crashes and everyone dies and then you get the tour of the afterlife. kinda intersesting.. but its México. So I went out contacting with these two priests from our Ward for three hours. we had to catch a ride back to the church at 12. At 11:50 we were walking around when we saw this lady and we contacted her in front of her house. right away she invited  us in (which never happens) and she was so interested and everything and so we talked for like 5 minutes and it was awesome I was wishing I had an hour but I had to get these two kids back to the church. so we talked quick and I invited her to the church real quick and said we’d come back later the week. and guess what? She came to church Sunday and brought a friend! It’s literally a miracle because usually we gotta drag people to the chapel to get them to go. but it was awesome cause the members saw them and were just all over them. inviting them to sit by them, asking their names, getting them himnarios, its was awesome. and so sacrament meeting ends and they start to walk out to go home and an hermana asks them if they were gonna stay for the other 2 hours. They were so excited that there was more, but had to go cause there was an appointment. But they told everyone they would make plans to be able to stay the whole time next time. it’s awesome when people come to the church. and just after talking to them for 5 minutes. so ya that’s a little of just what happened this week. hope it all went good for you guys too love ya! 

Elder Sawyer

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