Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014- Oaxaca- Mitla and Arbol del Tule

Had another good week this week, things are starting to pick up in the area (and zone) here. This stake/zone is kinda of notorious for being a tough spot to work (it’s the rich "rich" area of Oaxaca) buts it’s starting to get moving. This week we have our monthly meeting with the stake president. We sit down with him for a couple hours and look at numbers from the stake and stuff. It’s kinda fun going through all the numbers and looking at all the statistics. President Leyva had a meeting with Elder Oaks this week. Elder Oaks told president we need to be baptizing every week in every companionship by May. It’s gonna be crazy hard but it’s something that’s going to really take a huge effort. The mission’s been in a really rough spot the last year or so, so hopefully this helps us get up to speed with the other Mexico missions. we are doing a lot more street contacting, like a ton, and I think that’s gonna help us find a lot more people too. we also had our stake conference this week and it was pretty much just Elder Mendoza of the Seventy chewing us out about the missionary work for six hours. It was really cool though and the members are really pumped to work.  We also got to sing in conference, the zone, it went alright haha. A cool experience we had this week is we were out of stuff to do, so we decided to look for a reference someone gave us. The reference was a "a big house, with a black gate next to a tienda"(which is about half of the houses here) so we decided to knock a door and just pray this person we were looking for lived there. They didn’t, but we found this 20 year old guy named A....... We found out his mom had just gone to the hospital and he was really worried. Long story short, we prayed for his mom, taught him a little and committed him to be baptized. Boom. The lords always preparing people. Today we went to the Mitla ruins and the Arbol del Tule. It was pretty sweet, I look like a lobster right now.  I’ll send some pics and make sure to check Facebook cause Sister Leyva took like a million. Have a good week see ya guys.
Elder Sawyer

*all photos are from the Oaxaca Mexico Mission Facebook page- quotes by Hermana Leyva


"Our missionaries happy to get together to know two landmarks of the Earth in which they are serving: the archaeological site of Mitla, and the legendary tree of Tule.
Thank you with all my heart to brother Mois├ęs Villanueva, owner of Sertexa buses, (and next President of the California Arcadia mission) for having provided this beautiful brand new bus for transport to the missionaries. This was the first trip of the bus! And transporting Angels!"

"Here comes president Leyva with his missionaries!!
They said it looked like the scene from Monsters Inc!! 
But I prefer to think they look like Helaman's army!"
"The Mexico Oaxaca mission, the Land of miracles!!
We'll bring the world His truth."

"A zoom view so you can see better the faces of your beautiful sons and daughters!!"

"The whole group in front of the Tule Tree."

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