Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014- Juchitan de Zaragoza

This week was an awesome week, we were able to set 3 more baptismal dates this week which brings our total to six! No the tough part is getting them to all come to church haha. New years was crazy. I was expecting fireworks and everything but it was CRAZY how loud it was, and it lasted all night! Lots of gun shots too. The next day there was absolutely nobody in the streets, just all the drunks. Everyone in Oaxaca I think slept the whole day.

This week I went to work in another area and saw iron man 3 on the bus (we’re allowed to watch the bus movies) there not as good in Spanish but I liked it) soy ironman.  haha Being District Leader, sometimes a whole lot of goods, I just get to travel a lot more and meet and go to a lot of places. The bads are dealing with dumb elders and doing reports and capacitacions.

Abby- who named your hermit crab spike? You know that they eat those things here, but there a lot bigger. Today’s Dia de Reyes, that’s when all the kids here get presents, we’ve gotten ties and lots of food, everyone gets together for a party and its pretty much their Christmas. They eat a cake thing called rosca and it got a little toy hidden inside. If you get the piece with the toy, you have to bring everyone tamales

This week our mission lost the Pinotepa zone to the mission Cuernavaca. I had two buddies that were over there so that kinda stinks, but its whatever. This week we have a big leadership meeting with some of the Area Authorities of Mexico and leaders in the mission, so I’m excited for that. We get to have a little input on how we can change the mission so that’s good. This change is going by really fast, it’s crazy that we only falta 2 weeks for other changes. The mission is starting to fly. Today we got to play soccer in the morning, I was the only white one, out of our two districts. And I didn’t do anything to change the stereotype!  But ya things are going good here, it just feels like normal life now here. Sorry I can’t figure out this computer, it’s not reading my camera or something.

haha ya, I’ll do better writing next week. I just get here and can’t think of anything.

Love you  Elder Sawyer

Have a good week! Happy Dia de Reyes

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