Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014- Oaxaca

Well it’s definitely a lot different here in the big city haha so much has happened in just one week. First off the big news. We have hot water in our house! Ok about 50 percent of the mornings but it’s still better than nothing. The night I got here I took a thirty minute shower, the first real one I’ve think I’ve had in 9 months. yesterday I ate lunch after church with a member in our ward who owns all the buses in Oaxaca, I’m pretty sure his a millionaire, his house is insane, with a soccer field and tennis courts and a garage full of cars. It’s the family ................., and Hermano .................. just got announced as the new mission president in the Arcadia Cali mission haha so that was cool to talk to him about how dad served there. The mission covers East LA and Pasedena and he had a ton of questions about it. Dad he also wants to know the name of your mission pres. I’m in the city here but we work mostly on the outskirts of town in 2 pueblos called Panteon Jardin and Sol Naciente. We gotta take tons of buses and taxis just to get around our area. It makes it a little difficult to cover everything but we do it. The area here is about as dead as it gets, we have very little (it has a little bit to do with it being the city and not the itsmo, the people are a lot different). (there’s 3 regions here in the itsmo ( Salinas, Juchitan, Matias etc.) the coast (Puerto Escondido, Pochutla Hualtulco etc.) and the city. I’ve been in the itsmo my whole mission which is pretty rare).  Yesterday was the first time an investigator came to church in 3 months and we haven’t had a baptism for almost 7. we did though find some people this week that got potential. one is named ...... and she’s a 30 year old school teacher and she’s awesome. I only have taught her once  but she’s so interested. she had read all of the folleto 1 that the elderes had given to her the time before and it was awesome to teach the resturacion too here. she’s gonna pray to see if it’s true this week. she’s really solid. also last night we found .................. he’s sordo mudo (can’t remember those words in english) but he can’t hear or talk. his wife is a less active that we found  while going thru our ward registry. They’re not married and want to get married in the temple. We told him some things he’s gott to do before going to the temple (like baptism) and he said pretty much whatever it takes hell do it. it’s a little slow teaching him cause his wife has gotta translate in sign language(and church words are a little harder to translate) but he’s really got desires to learn. They’re gonna get married on Feb. 14 along with half of Oaxaca. here in Oaxaca they do free wedding papers on Feb 14 so everyone (including the missionaries) take advantage. it’s a big problem here sometimes, getting people married. but ya me and my comp are doing good. he’s one of those people that doesn’t say much, just puts his head down and works hard. I’m learning a ton from him. he’s from Quito Ecuador (where did Sarah serve?) but ya we get along great and were really working hard to turn this area around. being LZ is a little different. we live in the "safest " part of Oaxaca so we have a ton of hermanas in our zone. It’s sometimes like babysitting but it’s good. I get to travel around a lot and work with a lot of different people. it’s all good, just get a little less sleep haha but ya I like it here and everything’s going good. have a good week love ya guys

behind me is my area

my area is freakin' huge

the tall grass and how much farther i have to hike the next house

tamale dulce & tamale de mole. bought em both for a dollar 50


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