Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014- Oaxaca

Well it’s definitely a lot different here in the big city haha so much has happened in just one week. First off the big news. We have hot water in our house! Ok about 50 percent of the mornings but it’s still better than nothing. The night I got here I took a thirty minute shower, the first real one I’ve think I’ve had in 9 months. yesterday I ate lunch after church with a member in our ward who owns all the buses in Oaxaca, I’m pretty sure his a millionaire, his house is insane, with a soccer field and tennis courts and a garage full of cars. It’s the family ................., and Hermano .................. just got announced as the new mission president in the Arcadia Cali mission haha so that was cool to talk to him about how dad served there. The mission covers East LA and Pasedena and he had a ton of questions about it. Dad he also wants to know the name of your mission pres. I’m in the city here but we work mostly on the outskirts of town in 2 pueblos called Panteon Jardin and Sol Naciente. We gotta take tons of buses and taxis just to get around our area. It makes it a little difficult to cover everything but we do it. The area here is about as dead as it gets, we have very little (it has a little bit to do with it being the city and not the itsmo, the people are a lot different). (there’s 3 regions here in the itsmo ( Salinas, Juchitan, Matias etc.) the coast (Puerto Escondido, Pochutla Hualtulco etc.) and the city. I’ve been in the itsmo my whole mission which is pretty rare).  Yesterday was the first time an investigator came to church in 3 months and we haven’t had a baptism for almost 7. we did though find some people this week that got potential. one is named ...... and she’s a 30 year old school teacher and she’s awesome. I only have taught her once  but she’s so interested. she had read all of the folleto 1 that the elderes had given to her the time before and it was awesome to teach the resturacion too here. she’s gonna pray to see if it’s true this week. she’s really solid. also last night we found .................. he’s sordo mudo (can’t remember those words in english) but he can’t hear or talk. his wife is a less active that we found  while going thru our ward registry. They’re not married and want to get married in the temple. We told him some things he’s gott to do before going to the temple (like baptism) and he said pretty much whatever it takes hell do it. it’s a little slow teaching him cause his wife has gotta translate in sign language(and church words are a little harder to translate) but he’s really got desires to learn. They’re gonna get married on Feb. 14 along with half of Oaxaca. here in Oaxaca they do free wedding papers on Feb 14 so everyone (including the missionaries) take advantage. it’s a big problem here sometimes, getting people married. but ya me and my comp are doing good. he’s one of those people that doesn’t say much, just puts his head down and works hard. I’m learning a ton from him. he’s from Quito Ecuador (where did Sarah serve?) but ya we get along great and were really working hard to turn this area around. being LZ is a little different. we live in the "safest " part of Oaxaca so we have a ton of hermanas in our zone. It’s sometimes like babysitting but it’s good. I get to travel around a lot and work with a lot of different people. it’s all good, just get a little less sleep haha but ya I like it here and everything’s going good. have a good week love ya guys

behind me is my area

my area is freakin' huge

the tall grass and how much farther i have to hike the next house

tamale dulce & tamale de mole. bought em both for a dollar 50


Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014- Oaxaca

Alright sorry I gotta be quick today there’s not a whole lot of time. Yes, I had cambios (and a 6 hour bus ride) and I’m now here in the city of Oaxaca finally in the area el bosque. I’m also now a zone leader and my new companion is Elder Yamberla (who’s got 6 weeks left in the mission). I’m sad to leave Zaragoza and Elder Lastiri but I’m excited to be in the city. We passed a MacDonald’s on the way to our house. So I’m way excited to be here and way tired but everything’s good. Last Tuesday they drained my hip again (but with anesthesia this time). What he explained to me is that with all the dirt and rubbing of my belt line it like pushes the hairs into my skin and it gets infected. Everything’s good now, it’s almost all sealed up -they couldn’t give me stitches cause it’s like a circle they took out. it looked like a bullet wound actually but it’s really not a big deal and I’m taking care of it so don’t worry mom. But ya sorry, not a ton of time but love you guys and have a good week.
my apartment- behind the black doors

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014- Juchitan de Zaragoza

k sorry don’t have a ton of time this week, it looks like that infection I had in the beginning of my mission came back. So ya I spent a little time in the doctors today. The good news is the doctor actually lives in our area and he’s actually just been called as the official mission doctor of the southern half of Mexico, so ya, he knows what he’s doing. He also has a missionary badge too so that’s kind of cool. he said this time we caught it before it got out of hand so I’ll hopefully be able to treat it with medicine and topical stuff, hopefully, no surgery. but ya besides that everything’s good. yesterday some members (the Zamora’s) invited us over for dinner to eat the famous tlayudas of the Septima. They were so good it was ridiculous, I definitely will miss the food here in Juchitan. Also this week we had a zone conference and interview with Presidente Leyva. It went great. We talked about the new area plan for Mexico and how it’s gonna affect us and change things we do here a little bit. In the letter from the 70 about the new plan, there’s a line that says” the level of results we are having in Mexico is not acceptable". It was a pretty direct letter. after we went with president to our house to check our refrigerator. 2 weeks ago it broke, so ya we’ve definitely missed having that. The next day we met him at bodega aurrera and he bought us a new fridge and left us there on the curb with it. We waited there on the curb with this stupid refrigerator for 7 hours while we waited for a member with a truck to get a minute off of  work. I’m never going back to bodega. The good news is we now have food in our house. also this week we celebrated Dia de Reyes with the family Medinila. To celebrate it they buy this cake that’s got a little doll thing in it and whoever gets the piece with the doll has to cook tamales for everyone the next month. guess who got the little munecha? yep. Well today starts the last week of this change, it’s flown by fast, really fast. so ya next week there’s a really good chance that I will not be here in Zaragoza. Dad, everyone said your Spanish was fine, they said though that you learned Spanish in the north, whatever that means.. mom, my health is fine, just this stupid infection is annoying but it’s nothing serious.  abby- hermit crabs go to heaven, can’t remember the scripture off the top of my head but I’m sure dad can find it.

And i forgot the other big news. They closed down Morro this week. They’re starting to bring these puebla missionaries into the city so first strengthening the base and then branch out, cause they want to focus more missionaries to grow the church in the big cities before spreading out. They closed about 8 pueblos for this. Sad.

I’ll try to see if the computer lets me send pics right now. love you guys, have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

"painting the Z......... house"

"rosca de reyes. this is the special cake thing they eat for Dia de Reyes."

"bodega ( where we shop)"

family M.........

"this is us riding in a moto-taxi. I think this is the only place in the world where they exist. I'll get a better picture, but the streets are filled with these things"

"here's a picture of the weight room for you carson"


Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014- Juchitan de Zaragoza

This week was an awesome week, we were able to set 3 more baptismal dates this week which brings our total to six! No the tough part is getting them to all come to church haha. New years was crazy. I was expecting fireworks and everything but it was CRAZY how loud it was, and it lasted all night! Lots of gun shots too. The next day there was absolutely nobody in the streets, just all the drunks. Everyone in Oaxaca I think slept the whole day.

This week I went to work in another area and saw iron man 3 on the bus (we’re allowed to watch the bus movies) there not as good in Spanish but I liked it) soy ironman.  haha Being District Leader, sometimes a whole lot of goods, I just get to travel a lot more and meet and go to a lot of places. The bads are dealing with dumb elders and doing reports and capacitacions.

Abby- who named your hermit crab spike? You know that they eat those things here, but there a lot bigger. Today’s Dia de Reyes, that’s when all the kids here get presents, we’ve gotten ties and lots of food, everyone gets together for a party and its pretty much their Christmas. They eat a cake thing called rosca and it got a little toy hidden inside. If you get the piece with the toy, you have to bring everyone tamales

This week our mission lost the Pinotepa zone to the mission Cuernavaca. I had two buddies that were over there so that kinda stinks, but its whatever. This week we have a big leadership meeting with some of the Area Authorities of Mexico and leaders in the mission, so I’m excited for that. We get to have a little input on how we can change the mission so that’s good. This change is going by really fast, it’s crazy that we only falta 2 weeks for other changes. The mission is starting to fly. Today we got to play soccer in the morning, I was the only white one, out of our two districts. And I didn’t do anything to change the stereotype!  But ya things are going good here, it just feels like normal life now here. Sorry I can’t figure out this computer, it’s not reading my camera or something.

haha ya, I’ll do better writing next week. I just get here and can’t think of anything.

Love you  Elder Sawyer

Have a good week! Happy Dia de Reyes