Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Well it was a good first week here in Juchitan. It’s really really different being here in the city and in civilization(it’s funny what I consider civilization now). Everything is just a million times different. I felt weird not having to bless and pass the sacrament and also give a talk and teach a class yesterday. In barrio Zaragoza we have an average assistance of about 70 people, so it’s a pretty good sized ward. I’ve met a lot of the members this week and there awesome. How we do missionary work here is way different so I’m still trying to get adjusted to that. One thing that is different is for the majority of the people here, Spanish is there second language. Everyone speaks this weird dialect called Zapeteco. I got here and it kinda scared me a little cause I thought they were speaking Spanish and  I didn’t understand a word, but I think my comp saw my face and said don’t worry its Zapateco. Haha, but we actually have an investigator who only speaks Zapateco so when we teach him we always gotta bring someone to translate. We don’t have  a ton of investigators right now but were working hard on finding more people. Elder Lastiri only has three more weeks here than me so we are both relatively new and trying to get to know the area and members.

This week Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy came and spoke to us in a tri-zone conference. it was pretty much 2 hours of him and President Leyva making us feel like the worst people in the world and then 30 minutes of making us feel like were gonna go out and baptize everyone in a week. These conferences are always really cool and are always a good energy booster. I almost got to have an interview with him cause I’m a new district leader but we ran out of time... being district leader is not so bad, just a lot more talking on the phone and doing reports and stuff like that. This week I’m gonna be on divisions 4 times so I’m hardly gonna get to work in my area. There’s also a big stake activity this week for Christmas that I get to conduct so that should be interesting. But ya everything’s going good here, life’s a lot easier when the cold water comes out of a spigot and you don’t have to dump it on your head.
I can Skype on Christmas but I need to find a place that’s open. It will probably be around 10 am. If not it will be the 24th around the same time. I’m gonna look for a place next week and I’ll let you know exactly next Monday.
No more seafood. its a lot of tlayudas, tacos, empenandas, chicken rice beans, that kind of stuff.
We live on the corner of the streets  .......  and ................ There is no house number. our house is orange next to a green house- look for the Septima, that’s my area-  I’m the second house north on the west side of the road, I think...  I'm healthy and everything's good here. We actually live near the  the Centro de Salud so I'll be all good. We live in the Septimo. it’s kinda cool to say that cause it’s like the Bronx of Oaxaca and everyone knows it.

Have a good week love you guys
Elder Sawyer

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