Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

haha sounds like it was a fun week for you guys! Lots of cousins and friends and stuff. Not a whole lot of stories this week, just a lot of eating with members and then having to be in the house early every night. Sorry no pictures again, we can’t have cameras on us until the new year .The big news this week was our new mission president was announced, his names Lynn Richard Madsen. So ya that was kind of cool to find that out and he'll be the new mission president starting July 1st here in Oaxaca. So that will be interesting to see how the mission changes. It was good to talk to you guys Wednesday. haha nothing’s changed. Sorry I’m having trouble thinking of things to write, I think I told you most of it on Wednesday. I’ll send pics next week and write more.
Love ya guys, have a good new years!
Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Hey guys I’ll keep this a little shorter I think cause I’ll talk to you Wednesday. But ya this last week was really cool. First off we had the Christmas tri-zone conference and ate food and President Leyva gave a cool devotional and stuff. I’m sure Hma Leyva put a million pics on Facebook, but ya it’s always fun to get to see other missionaries. Also this week we had a dual stake Christmas devotional. A couple of funny things happened there. First I got asked give a talk for about ten minutes and talk about missionary work and Christmas and all that good stuff. 5 minutes before the Stake President grabs me and asks me if I could take up a little more time with my talk cause another speaker couldn’t make it or something. so of course I say sure and I ask him about how much time I have to talk and he tells me 20-25 minutes.... so ya it was a little interesting but my comp timed me at 21 minutes (and he sat there in his seat laughing at my whole talk) and the important part is I think everyone understood me haha. They also flipped my name and the pianist name on the paper and announced that I was playing the piano for the choir, so ya that almost put me on the ground. But they figured it out on the end :) Also we had our ward activity this week. The missionaries were in charge of the talk and games. I lost rock paper scissors with my comp and got to give the message. I talked about our Mexican food Christmas tradition and everyone laughed forever. I guess they think it’s funny that tamales are so special to us. Also this week I went and worked with 4 different missionaries in four different areas and slept in four different beds. So ya I haven’t done a whole ton of work in my area this week but we have 3 baptisms scheduled for next week, Rosio, Nancy and Marcos. They just gotta get to church haha. So no pictures this week, I can’t have anything of value on me right now, we live in the Septima of Juchitan so we have some special rules. so ya that’s a little of what happened this week   So it’s pretty much every man for himself to Skype or call home. The good thing is I’m in an area where people have computers. A family’s gonna lend me there laptop and computer and I’m gonna go to a family’s house that has Wi-Fi. I think tonight we are gonna go test it out and create an account. I will probably call you guys( probably between 10 an twelve my time(if it’s different)). So be ready. I’ll email you if I got problems Wednesday, so check your email and you can also email other directions or whatever.

Have a good Christmas you guys and talk to you Wednesday!

Elder Sawyer

practicing the Skype for Wednesday- only 30 seconds, but fun to see him!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Well it was a good first week here in Juchitan. It’s really really different being here in the city and in civilization(it’s funny what I consider civilization now). Everything is just a million times different. I felt weird not having to bless and pass the sacrament and also give a talk and teach a class yesterday. In barrio Zaragoza we have an average assistance of about 70 people, so it’s a pretty good sized ward. I’ve met a lot of the members this week and there awesome. How we do missionary work here is way different so I’m still trying to get adjusted to that. One thing that is different is for the majority of the people here, Spanish is there second language. Everyone speaks this weird dialect called Zapeteco. I got here and it kinda scared me a little cause I thought they were speaking Spanish and  I didn’t understand a word, but I think my comp saw my face and said don’t worry its Zapateco. Haha, but we actually have an investigator who only speaks Zapateco so when we teach him we always gotta bring someone to translate. We don’t have  a ton of investigators right now but were working hard on finding more people. Elder Lastiri only has three more weeks here than me so we are both relatively new and trying to get to know the area and members.

This week Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy came and spoke to us in a tri-zone conference. it was pretty much 2 hours of him and President Leyva making us feel like the worst people in the world and then 30 minutes of making us feel like were gonna go out and baptize everyone in a week. These conferences are always really cool and are always a good energy booster. I almost got to have an interview with him cause I’m a new district leader but we ran out of time... being district leader is not so bad, just a lot more talking on the phone and doing reports and stuff like that. This week I’m gonna be on divisions 4 times so I’m hardly gonna get to work in my area. There’s also a big stake activity this week for Christmas that I get to conduct so that should be interesting. But ya everything’s going good here, life’s a lot easier when the cold water comes out of a spigot and you don’t have to dump it on your head.
I can Skype on Christmas but I need to find a place that’s open. It will probably be around 10 am. If not it will be the 24th around the same time. I’m gonna look for a place next week and I’ll let you know exactly next Monday.
No more seafood. its a lot of tlayudas, tacos, empenandas, chicken rice beans, that kind of stuff.
We live on the corner of the streets  .......  and ................ There is no house number. our house is orange next to a green house- look for the Septima, that’s my area-  I’m the second house north on the west side of the road, I think...  I'm healthy and everything's good here. We actually live near the  the Centro de Salud so I'll be all good. We live in the Septimo. it’s kinda cool to say that cause it’s like the Bronx of Oaxaca and everyone knows it.

Have a good week love you guys
Elder Sawyer

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Well yep we had cambios today. right now I’m sitting in Juchitan with my new companion Elder Lastiri from the D.F. I’m super excited to be here and way excited that Lastiris is my comp. you know how every missionary has a story of how they had a companion where everything just clicked? I think me and Elder Lastiri are gonna do some awesome things here. Also I’m now district leader too. This part is gonna be a little interesting. Still not sure how I’m gonna take care of eight elders, especially when I can barely take care of myself haha. The best news of the day though is we have not only one, but TWO bathrooms and it gets even better... they’re BOTH inside our house! haha so I’m excited for that. My area is called Zaragoza, and I guess it’s a pretty small and relatively new ward. I literally just got here so I don’t have a ton of information but ya, I’ve liked my first couple hours here. ya it stinks I gotta leave Morro, I really liked it there. But I’m glad for the experiences I had there and for the people I was able to meet. But ya, it’s good to have a fresh start in a new place. We’ll see what happens.

Elder Sawyer

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Well this week it was good to get back to working fully. German was baptized this Saturday in a laguna by the beach. It was pretty cool (I’ll send pics another day, I’m in Morro today). I’m glad we got permission for is friend Olsvaldo to be able to baptize him. Now he’s just got a year to wait before he can go on the misión. Yesterday, in church for the first time, we filled every seat except one so that was pretty cool. I gave a talk on repentance (even though it was fast Sunday? I don’t know what happened there) and got asked to give one next week also haha. Also Jesus was able to receive the Aaronic priesthood yesterday. He’s really excited about all the church stuff and is excited to be able to go to the temple next month. I also got my Christmas/ thanksgiving package last week. Thank you everyone for the cards and gifts and everything. Especially the CavanIslas for the umbrella (it hasn’t rained since I broke my other one, and the day I opened that one it rained haha). And the Riffeys for the jerky haha that was definitely nice to have on thanksgiving! Speaking of thanksgiving, we spent ours trying to get 2 rats out of our house. They are seriously the size of small cats. So ya that took up a lot of our day and then we went to Mario’s house for brownies to celebrate thanksgiving. Yesterday, we also ate some more raw baby turtles for lunch...blech. So ya it looks like this is probably going to be my last week in Morro, I’m definitely gonna miss it haha.
have a good week, love ya guys!

Elder Sawyer

Elder Molina, Olsvaldo, German, Elder Sawyer