Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

We’re gonna have a baptisms this Week! Chuy (Jesus) made it to the

chapel this week so we are all good to go for this Saturday. From here

on out we are gonna start having a lot more. We had six more

Investigators in the church this week, and Morro is starting to look

like a gold mine. it’s a Little sad that I’ll most likely be here for

the beginning of the wave here but it’s all good. Not a ton of new news

this week, everyone’s progressing real well and without this 5 week

rule we’d probably have about 7 baptisms this week, but it’s all good,

they’ll be that much stronger after their baptism. Outside of the misión

work this week I ate more grasshoppers, got stung by a scorpion(I have

no idea how I’ve been here 4 months and only been stung once) gained

about 5 more pounds due to mole and tlayudas, lived for three days

without electricity and beat Mario in a dead arm competition. Sorry

there’s not a lot of news this week, it’s been a good week though.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference and I got asked to talk about how

we get people to go to church . ya that’s about all for the week, hope

everyone’s doing good. Thanks for all your dearelders and emails and

stuff. It’s always good to get mail:)
 love ya guys  Elder Sawyer

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